Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fun With Fondant!!! (I am hooked!)

I have wanted to work with fondant for years... really, years. I thought it was reserved for professional cake decorators. My wedding cake was fondant, and it was expensive, so I figured I would never be able to afford to mess around with it on my own. Then back in April, I was watching Studio 5, and a segment came on about how to make your own fondant. You can find the link HERE. I was still a little worried about making my own, so I filed it in the back of my mind for a later date. Well, that later date was today, (...and last night - It is a two day process.) It is super easy, just takes a bit of time, and the fondant needs to sit over night, before it is ready to work with.

Here are just a few of the DARLING cupcakes we made today:

I almost think they are too pretty to eat! They are sitting on a dish in my kitchen and the kids are putting dibs on which one they want. I am not convinced they are getting any!!!

One more look - different angle. I can't help it!

The Close-ups:

Ghost:My inspiration was www.abakedcreation.com. I used fondant for the center instead of gumdrops, as I wanted a bigger ghost.

Spider - I just rolled it out, and used a spider cookie cutter.

Cat - just used a cat and moon cookie cutters I got from... you guessed it - Hobby Lobby. I think there were 12 in a pack for $2.99. I also used a basic circle cookie cutter.

Witch - This was my inspiration. She was the last of the dozen I made today, and I think she is my favorite :)

Pumpkins - super easy! I found the how-to on distracted gourmet.

Witch legs were on Woman's Day.

I pulled this one out of my own brain, but I don't know if I should claim it! :)

I hope this brought a smile!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!



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Jennifer Interiors said...

Risa, I am totally impressed. I can hardly believe this was your first time! Btw, I don't think I would eat them either. They are too pretty.

Jessica K. Barrett said...

Wow! That is so impressive. They are gorgeous!!

Jaymerz said...

those are adorable!! I don't think my first time would look nearly that cute.

Unknown said...

These are SO cute! I am glad fondant worked out so well for you.

Veronica said...

These are adorable! I especially love the little ghost and the witch hat with those long legs dangling out! Thanks for sharing. (Found you at Sew Much Ado's Wednesday link party)

Wendy said...

So darn cute! I want to try to make some now.

Cap Creations said...

They are adorable! Too cute to eat! Great job!

Red Couch Recipes said...

I am loving the ghost and witch legs and I am whipping up some fondant real soon and want to try these! Very fun and spooky! Joni

TLF said...

These are FANTASTIC!! How does the fondant taste?

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

I featured you and your beautiful baking on my blog today -- come on over :)

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