Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kitchen Pics

I am joining a Kitchen Party at Love Stitched, and I decided to post pics of my kitchen. If I had it to do over again, I would do all white cabinets. I am crazy about them. They are so clean and fresh. I do like what I have, and picked them out when we built our house. They are maple wood, with a stain called salem, and a cocoa glaze. Here goes...

This is how the kitchen looked when I moved in:

I added a little greenery to the top, but didn't love it:

Then I decided to simplify, and paint the walls blue.
I like it, but am thinking I may be ready for a change :)

I love my sink topiary, that I made using topiary forms and pots from Tai Pan.

My goal this year is to keep the desk clean. So far, so good... My mom cleaned it off for me to get me going. Thanks mom!

I love the back splash. It matches the pattern on my pendants.

I trade out aprons very often. This one is from World Market. I LOVE that place!

Very Handy Canisters!
{Oats, Whole Wheat Flour, & Quinoa}

I like the ceramics above the cabinets, and I just got out my ruffle runner, as the weather is getting warmer, and it feels like spring! Did you notice I have two different colors of granite? I wanted a change, and I love the contrast. The island really picks up the back splash.

Hop on over to Love Stitched, for some kitchen inspiration!

Have a happy and creative day!



Candy McCall said...

I didn't know you were on board with me on the white cabinets thing! :0)

Jennifer Interiors said...

Great kitchen Risa. I enjoy your style! I love the glass flour/sugar etc canisters on the counter. If you want vinyl to label them let me know. I'd be happy to cute some for you. I also have "FLOUR" "SUGAR" and "OATS" already cut and you are welcome to them. Do not worry...I will not be offended if you don't want them. I know you are a creative...'outta the box' gal and you may not want your canisters to be like someone else's canisters. :) BTW...LOVE the baby photos. He has grown sooo much. What a doll. :)

Unknown said...

hmmm pretty. i love your decorating. come see my house I've got all white cabinets and white subway tile as the back splash.

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

I LOVE the blue gives it character and a POP of color! AND I really love the trim around your back splash..beautiful!
thanks for linking up your kitchen to my party! xoxo

rick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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