Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why you should FOLLOW ME (pretty please) :)

I am about to share a little blog knowledge with you. I didn't know this when I started blogging, and I wish I had. I just thought "following" a blog meant basically that people thought your blog was cool, and were kind of voting for you in a sense. I would follow a blog if I liked the blog , and wanted to let the author know. Which is true... I felt and still feel SO HAPPY every time I get a follower. Thank you to all my followers :) That kind of is what it means, but it means SO MUCH MORE!!!

I used to have a list of blogs I would check every day. I bookmarked a few. I had a few in e-mails I sent myself. It took a long time, and meant opening up so many windows, and taking a ton of time to check blogs that may or may not have new posts. One day a few months ago, I stumbled upon my reader. The reader I use is the google reader. You probably have a reader as well, and (if you are like I was) don't know it. You choose how you want to follow the blog, when you press the follow button.

This is what a google reader screen looks like:

Photo courtesy of lifehacker.
It is the best! Yes, it is another thing to suck my time away, but it actually makes blog time so much more efficient! I check my reader every day, and it shows me only the blogs that have a new post, with pictures and words - everything! Now, I am not pulling up countless windows. I pull up one window, and all my blogs that I LOVE are there! I heart google reader. I know there are other readers out there, and when you follow a blog, it will ask you how you want to follow. I choose google, as that's what I know and prefer, but I am sure other sites work just as well.

You probably already know this, but I didn't know for a long time. I hope this post will help someone out there!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!



Meghan said...

I've followed you for awhile now & always read you thru Google Reader. Love that feature of google.

Nicole said...

It's good of you to educate your readers. I sometimes wonder how many people don't know how to Follow or what a reader even is. Probably most of them :).

Just so you know, I Follow you! I'm sure you couldn't tell with the millions of Followers you have ;). Google reader is the best, but then, it's the only one I've used.

Wendy said...

So how did you stumble upon the reader? I can't see where it is. I'm a technotard.

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