Sunday, July 3, 2011

FAIRY HOUSES for outside...

Have you ever been in your yard and thought... "I bet a fairy would love to live under that bush." Or, "I bet a fairy could make a nice home by those flowers?" Well, I like to talk about where fairies would like to live with my kids when we do yard work together. We talk about if a fairy would live here or there, or what flowers they would prefer. This is also fun to do on hikes!

I had a while where I was a little obsessed with fairies, and I built my daughter an amazing fairy house for her birthday. It was before I started blogging, and the photos are not fantastic, but maybe I will share them with you some day :)

At Michael's Crafts, you can pick up these wooden doll furniture pieces for $.99 each. They are a great deal. I used some of them in my daughters fairy house. My daughter and I thought it would be fun to put a few around the yard for the fairies that live by us. So, we got out our paint brushes, and got to work.

This is what we started with. $3 total.

My daughter painted this one for the bedroom. I already had the bed I made for her fairy house, as well as the vanity and other accessories.

This is the gardening room, because, everybody knows... fairies love to garden!

Here's the gardening room from a distance. See the Foxglove in the top corner? I once heard a small girl at a nursery tell her mom that she loved the fairy fingers. That's what we call them now too :)

Here's the craft room. It is also patriotic, since we made these on the 2nd of July. This is where they make their clothes.

Here is a close up of the craft room. See the miniature wooden spool with the blue thread? Darling!

This is a piece I made for my daughter's fairy house. It is kind of old, you can tell. I made the table by gluing pieces of pine cones in a wooden box I got from a craft store. I made the chairs by gluing random things I found at the craft store, and painting them. See the acorn bowls??? I LOVE them :)

Here's how the kitchen looks from a distance. When it was early spring, we had a yard full of mushrooms, because it was so wet, and such a long spring. It would have been fun to put the little pieces of furniture around a mushroom {table} already growing in the yard (as long as the kids don't touch or eat it!)

I hope the fairies will enjoy it! I know my daughter and I have!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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Unknown said...

C-U-T-E!!! Seriously. So cute.

Megs said...

Emma would love that. She made a fairy house last year and loved it. SHe keeps asking when her fairy will come back.

Zanny said...

This post was just for meeeee! I love this kind of stuff! When I was little, I found things to use with my barbies - like using doilies for rugs, folding a throw pillow in half and then propping it up, so it looked like a couch, etc. My barbies ice skated on our glass coffee table, swam in our bath tub, went boating in Styrofoam containers, and skied in our front yard using popsicle sticks for skis. I still find things that can be used for dolls and share it with Summer, so she and I can play! I loved all of your ideas!

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