Thursday, September 8, 2011

A few things I neglected to post... Baby Blessing.

We blessed Rhett in June, but I was so crazy busy that day, that I forgot to take any pictures of the set up :( I have to say... it was beautiful! When my brother saw it, he asked me if I was on meth, and that's how I am able to get so much done. No... no meth ;) I just like to make things pretty, and... I start FAR in advance.

Here is the invitation (made in picasa of course)

Here are the coordinating treats.

Remember my mom's sugared popcorn recipe? You can find it HERE.

I always love sugared popcorn, as it can be made in advance, and can be made to go with any decor, as you can make it any color or flavor. I decorated the bags in advance.

I got these drinks at the dollar store, 6 for $1. I did this part way in advance. I made the labels in picasa, and punched them out.

This is what the sheet looked like before I punched it out:

The drinks were really cute, and the straws were from Gygi, in Salt Lake City. I hooked them on with glue dots.

I made mini lemon cupcakes with a lemon creme, fluffy delish frosting. I made it up as I went, or I would provide the recipe. The mini papers were from Gygi as well. I baked the cupcakes in plain white papers, and put them in the fancy papers after the fact.

I had to do marshmallows on a stick. You can see the first time I did it HERE, and for the cowboy party HERE. I did these with yellow almond bark, and silver sprinkles from Gygi.

It turned out cute.

I made a darling runner, and had a banner as well, but didn't get a picture of either. I plan to use them in the next few months for an upcoming party for my daughter's dance class, so you will still get to see them. The banner is fabric with interchangeable wooden letters.

Oh, and here's the menu. I made all the food, except Rhett's Yiayia brought homemade rolls, and his Grandma brought hummus. I am kind of a control freak, and wanted everything to look and taste just the way I wanted. And, it did :)

All these were cut into labels, backed with coordination yellow or gray papers, and placed in front of the food. I did every bit of everything I could before hand, so I just had throw things together, and mix them up. I didn't want people to have to wait. I even had empty dishes sitting out and in place ready for food to be out in them. My husband thought I was nuts, but again... the control freak in me took over, and I was glad to be prepared.

Spinach Salad

With Feta,

Strawberries and

Roasted Almonds

Quinoa Salad

With Black Beans

And Cranberries,

Tossed in Cider Vinegar


Peppers, English Cucumbers,

Tomatoes and Mozzarella,

Tossed in Balsamic

Vinegar and Olive Oil

Chicken Pasta Salad

Bowtie Pasta, Chicken and

Shredded Parmesan, Flavored

With Olive Oil and Herbs


Made Especially by

Grandma Baker


Homemade by

The Yia yia

Marshmallow Pops

Adorned in Almond Bark

And sprinkles

Lemon Crème cupcakes

Mini Lemon Cupcakes Dressed

With lemon Creme

Sugared Popcorn

With Banana Essence

It was such a fun and memorable day. Thanks for letting me share!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!




Unknown said...

love the treat ideas :) and cute little boy, looks like a fun day

Unknown said...

Wow you went all out. I never had the energy at blessing time because I was still going on virtually no sleep! Everything looks adorable.

Jennifer Interiors said...

Risa, You are the most creative gal I have ever met. What time and love you put into every event for your sweet little kiddos! You r simply amazing! :)BTW: What a handsome little man!

Unknown said...

I all looks so good.

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