Thursday, November 10, 2011

WIZARD OF OZ party, part 3 - The Decor (Munchkin land)

Next stop on our Wizard of Oz tour - MUNCHKIN LAND!

The pictures don't do this justice. It was really cute in person.

I have to give a big shout out to my friend Candy for helping set this area up. My brain was mush by this time, and she pulled me through! I tied napkins from a Halloween party from a few years ago around the pendants, and hung a Munchkin land sign, as you can see. I already had the red shiny fabric. I got the yellow fabric at DI for $2, and thought it would make a perfect, "yellow brick road!"

Here is the sign:

See the blue mirror? It didn't always look like that! I got it at DI for $5, and painted it blue. Candy suggested running the ribbon across the top, and I loved that touch! Look how ugly it was before! Sorry about the photo quality.

I found the little house at DI for $1. It was a bird house. I covered the hole with a piece of paper that came in the set, and we put it over the cute little witch doll. She is sitting on napkins, tulle, and a CUTE serving dish I got at DI for $1. All of that is on a blue platter.

I saw a cute sign HERE. I wanted to reproduce some form of it, so this is what I came up with.

When my daughter was a baby, and the Wizard of Oz characters were McDonald's toys, my mom and I made it our mission to collect them all. We ate a lot of fries. It's all worth it now! ;)

Scarecrow, sitting on straw, on a bowl from DI.

Munchkin in a super cute cup from DI. I am saving those for St. Patric's day, for my kids to use!

Glinda the good witch, arriving in her bubble.

Tin man sitting on a tin lid.

Lion, sitting on a DI plate - he is my favorite!

Wicked witch, melting in another DI dish.

My mom found me the lollipops at Walgreen's. They are HARD TO FIND! We just stuck them in artificial plants I already had.

Another view.

Please come back next time, for the good and bat witches!

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Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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Unknown said...

seriously, i want to be invited to one of your parties. i'm all alone over here on rifleman ;-)

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