Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WIZARD OF OZ party, part 1 - The invitation

I have been dying to share my Wizard of Oz party with you. I just got the rest of the photos from a friend this week, and have been busy getting them organized. I decided in July, I was going to have a Wizard of Oz party. I have had plenty of time to collect ideas. You can see my pinterest board HERE. I love pinterest. It helped me so much to keep everything organized!

While I love the Wizard of Oz movie, I didn't want to use any characters in my decor.

I also wanted to make an original invitation. I think I achieved it. And, yes... I made it in Picasa.

Here is part one.

I always ask my guests to bring a food item to share. I like to see what they bring, and I never have the time to make much food after all the time I put into the decor.

Here is part two.

This was the look I wanted for the invitations. The majority of them ended up smaller, as I was making these late at night, and ran out of tulle. I didn't photograph a smaller invitation, but they were still just as cute. And, as you can probably see in the photos... I stapled everything. It saves so much time and money. The background paper is from Hobby Lobby, and I like to buy my tulle on a spool from Hobby Lobby as well. (But only when it's half off, which is just about every other week.)

I will be adding more highlights and tutorials from the party over the next few days. Be sure and check back!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!



Samantha @ Little Painted Canvas said...

Those are precious! I have been making the invitations for my boys' parties for the past year or so and I am SO much happier with them than I am anything I could have bought. Once I get that specific idea in my head, I can never find invites to go along with it.

beckaboots said...

I saw the invitation on my sister's fridge and I've been dying to see what everything looked like! :) So cute!

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