Monday, June 25, 2012


 While prepping for this week's Studio 5 segment, I came across these darling toothpick dolls. They are so easy to make, and inexpensive!

All you need is toothpicks, cut like this:

 Embroidery floss, in whatever color you want. I like #739 for the skin color. Embroidery floss is not expensive, and can be purchased at most craft or sewing stores. I got mine at Ben Franklin, for $.39 each.


Alene's Tacky Glue:

First, glue the legs on, as shown in the photo above. Let them dry.

Place a small dot of glue on where the three pieces meet, and wrap the floss starting at the top, and making your way down. Decide where you want the skirt to end, and place a dot of glue there, and smooth the floss into it. Make sure you always end on the same side.

Next, glue the arms on. You can wrap them first in skin color floss, I don't mind leaving the toothpicks natural.

 Next, wrap the shoulders starting with a glue dot in the back. My daughter wrapped this with thicker floss. You can see if gives if a different look and texture.

 Next, wrap the head. You can make a long thin head, or a round head. You choose what you want. Just make sure not to go over the top of the toothpick, and add glue to the back of the head periodically, otherwise, all your floss could come off, and that would lead to more work.

 Next, add the hair. The best tip is to start in the back, with a two inch piece of floss folded in half. Add a dot of glue to the hairline. Place the fold on the glue. Then, add more until you feel it is thick enough. After you have finished, give your doll a haircut for the desired length. Small embroidery scissors work best.

 Boys are fun to make as well, you will use the same technique, just wrap each leg separately first.

 These were so fun, my daughter started making them with me, and now we have a little family!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!



Wendy said...

So darling! I love dolls of all kinds. When will you be on studio 5 next?

shelley said...

Modern and Classy!
What a fun gift topper these would make, too

shelley said...
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Samurai Mom said...

Oh my goodness. I used to make toothpick people as a kid. I would make glue them on pins and hair clips and give them to my friends!

Unknown said...

Haha! That is so amazing. My daughters would love these. I am stopping by from "For the Kids" and am a new follower. I would be so grateful if you would link up at Mom's Library. Hope to see you there. Thanks for sharing these!

yogamama said...

You know these are Guatemalan worry dolls right? I mean they haven't got on traditional clothing but that's what they are nonetheless! Love them!

Andrea said...

oh my those are too cute! and looks simple, will try!

Pola said...

I sooo loved this! thanks for sharing such a beautiful craft!!
Imma pin this right now, if you don't mind :)

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