Monday, September 3, 2012

Back-to-School BOOT CAMP!

 With school starting tomorrow, I thought I would share the back-to-school BOOT CAMP parties I had for my kids last week. They turned out so cute, and the best part was I had all the prep work done far in advance, so all I had to do, was get everything out and set it up the day of the party.

The invitation was SUPER CUTE! I designed it in picasa, using clip art I got on etsy for $3. You can see her shop HERE. She has all sorts of darling things, and I asked if she could design the army boys (after purchasing the girls), and she did! 

I punched a hole in the top of the invitation, and slid a dog tag (Hobby Lobby) through, with the child's name and grade listed on the back. If the child was not home, and just hung the necklace around the door knob. It was super cute!


Here is the girl version.


Here is the boy version.

 I decided to do the same theme for both kids this year, and it made things SO MUCH EASIER!!!

I borrowed the backpacks from one of my brothers. The table cloth is from Saver's $2. The camouflage fabric is just fat quarters from Walmart for $99 each. I bought 3 pieces.

 When I was setting up last minute, I decided I needed something with a little height, and thought a pallet would be perfect! I called my friend Laura from Corner House. She does fabulous things with pallets. You can see them HERE and HERE. I went to the pallet yard, and got one. They were SO NICE there! It's called A. Ruttco Pallet, in Kaysville. I brought it home, and put it up, and it was perfect!

 Army parachute guys (Hobby Lobby)
 Tattoos (Walmart)
 Crawling Army Guys (Dollar Tree)
 Army Gummies (Zurchers) & Little Debbies
 Berets & Canteens (Smith and Edwards $.99)
Remember my post about marshmallow guns? When we made them as a family, I decided they would be fun for a party for my kids. You can find the instructions HERE. The boys put their guns together, shredded the labels, and started blowing them all over the basement. Who would have thought?
 They looked so cute in their berets! They put their guns together in all sorts of weird ways, and a few of them lost pieces, so I was lucky to have a few spares on hand.
 They had a riot, and stayed outside for almost 1 1/2 h ours. This was the easiest party ever!

I let my daughter set this one up. Didn't she do a great job?!?

 Pink spray painted army guys.
Masks made from 2-liter bottles and duct tape.

Army dolls (Dollar Tree) I got some camouflage fabric from Hobby Lobby, and remade the dresses, using the original dress pattern. 

See the bags full of beads? I got a large ugly necklace from Saver's for $2, took it apart, and the girls made bracelets out of the beads. They turned out super cut!

 Army Gummies (Zurchers) Little Debbies. 
 I am a believer in not making nice food for kids parties. I don't think they appreciate it, and I like saving myself the work.
 The girls were much more calm when they put their guns together. No one lost any pieces.
 See the pouches around their waists? I made them using cheap camo fabric from Walmart, and stitching yarn on to go over one shoulder.
 The girls liked the guns almost as much as the boys did.
The parties were both so much fun. The boys told me it was, "The most fun party ever!!!" 

If anyone wants tutorials on the marshmallow pouches, or the 2-liter eye wear, or anything else, let me know, and I will post them for you. I just don't want to be redundant in my posts :)

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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