Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wire Spiders

 These whimsical spiders are not only fun to make, and a little bit addictive, they are also SUPER inexpensive!

All you need is:

20 gauge black wire (Benion Crafts)
Hot Glue
Needle Nose Pliers / Snippers
Black spray paint, if you can't find black glue sticks, which I couldn't.

 Cut 4 strips of wire into 5" pieces.
Place a dime sized daub of hot glue on some parchment paper.
Lay the wires in the glue before it cools.

 After they cool, bend the legs into the desired shape, and take them outside, and spray paint them!


You are finished! Wasn't that cheap and easy?
{By the way, I didn't think this up - I wish I had...Inspiration for this post can be found HERE.}

If you want a place card holder, all you have to do is wrap a small piece of wire around the pliers, and stand it in the glue before it cools.

How cute would these be on a cupcake, or sitting on someone's porch holding up an invitation to a Halloween party, or a "Thank You," card? The possibilities are endless!

I will be sharing these little cuties, and more Spider-themed Halloween ideas on Studio 5 tomorrow. I hope you'll tune in!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!



Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

Super cute Risa! Excited to watch you tomorrow!!

Tausha said...

I am loving this idea Risa! Soo flippin cute! Totally making some! You are all sorts of fantastic! Oh, and you are beautiful as well. Love you girl!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

They'd be cute w/ big black button bodies too. OR or or bottle cap boddies!!

Anonymous said...

Risa, I love your cleverness!
Where is Benion Craft Store? Get back to me at

thank you so MUCH! KM

(I saw you on Studio 5


shelley said...

love the spiders!! so cute and festive!! :)

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