Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Neighbor Gift - Diffraction Glasses

This is the most favorite thing I have ever done for my neighbors for a neighbor Christmas gift!!! It is the time of year where driving around at night looking at the holiday lights is magical! These glasses make it even more memorable.

In each envelope are pairs of paper diffraction glasses. You know the kind of glasses you wear, and it turns all the light you look at into giant prisms?

I got the glasses in a set of 100 on ebay. I paid about $20 when I bid. (I think I got lucky.) You can buy-it-now for $39.99 including shipping, or make an offer. They ship very quickly. I only pass them out to the kids in each family, not the parents. It mades the glasses go farther.

I created a free printable for you if you choose to do the same thing. Download to your computer, and print as many as you like. (For personal use only.) I printed 4 per page on card stock. 

I slipped the glasses into cute little paper bags form Pick Your Plum. The neighbor kids have LOVED them. I thought it was a fun thing to pass out instead of treats.

I got this idea from Megan Pyrah at Brassy Apple. She buys diffraction glasses every year for her family to use when they go out to look at Christmas lights. I remember having plastic diffraction glasses when I was little, but didn't realize that they make paper glasses as well. Thanks for the idea Megan. We might be using them for the 4th of July as well!

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