Sunday, January 12, 2014

DIY Campfire set

Meet the newest member of our toy collection. My toddler LOVES camping, and always asks to go camping. This is the perfect toy for a camper-in-training. 

I have drooled over the Land of Nod Campfire Set from the minute I saw it. I wanted to order it for my son for his birthday, but with a hefty price tag, of $69.00 before shipping, $83 after shipping, and no availability until mid-March, I knew I had to take things into my own hands. So, I created one myself. Dare I say, I like mine better than theirs? Well, I said it; I do like it better.

I think the thing that really makes the whole thing is the faux bois fabric I used for the logs. I got it at Lily Bella Fabrics. Lily Bella has the BEST designer fabric at great prices!

I also love the different sizes and colors of the rocks. Seems like each craft store has a different color and texture of gray felt sheets. The dark sheets were from Bennion Craft, the medium shade sheets were from JoAnn, and the lightest sheets were from Hobby Lobby. Sometimes they go on sale at Hobby Lobby for 8 sheets for $1. This toy is so affordable to make!

You can't have a campfire without s'mores and hotdogs. I made these out of felt as well, and made holes in them so they fit perfectly on the end of a marshmallow roaster, ahem… dowel.

The kids LOVE playing with the whole set.

 I love watching my kids pretend play. 

The whole set really was easy to make, and I have a little tutorial on the rock for you. I used the same technique for the fire, and logs and for making multiple sizes of rocks. I wanted to have rocks that stand up.

Get a felt sheet from the craft store. Cut it in half, and round the edges on one side. If you don't want your rocks to stand, just cut the corners off all the sides, and finish it off. If you do want it to stand, follow the directions below.

Stitch around the rounded edges, leaving the the bottom open.

Turn right-side-out and stuff.

Place the top piece of the rock on another piece of felt, and cut out a bottom that will fit the opening. If you are making many rocks the same size, use this as a template, and cut multiples out.

It will look like this.

Remove the stuffing, and turn the top inside out again. Pin the bottom on. The nice thing about felt, is you  can stretch it if you need to. So, if you get the bottom too small, you can still make it work. Sew around the perimeter leaving a two inch opening. 

Turn right-side-out, and put the stuffing in through the hole.

Whip stitch the the hole closed with a needle, and you are finished!

I used the same idea for the fire, but used bigger pieces of fabric, and left the stitching exposed. I felt like it looked better to have the stitching on the outside for the fire. I started with the red piece, added the orange, then the yellow, cutting down as I saw fit. Then I stitched the whole thing together, and used the same technique as above for the bottom. I started out thinking I would use printed cotton for the fire, but found that it competed with the logs. I liked the simplicity of the felt.

For the log, get a piece of fabric, fold it in half.  Stitch up the side. Turn, iron, and sew the ends. Use the same technique as above for the closing it up. I just used tan felt for the ends.

Of course I couldn't leave it at just a campfire. I had to make him THE CUTEST FISHING POND EVER! I will be sharing that next. Be sure and check back.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a Happy and Creative Day!


funjani said...

This is just the most adorable thing I have seen to date. You executed it perfectly, and your directions were easy to follow. I wanted one when my kids were small, but I ended up buying an electrical one from a stage prop company. Thank you for sharing. I actually have an indoor s'more making set-up that I take to grown-up parties now that my kids are grown. I'm making s'more cookie bars from a Pinterest post I saw for a baby shower this weekend. The fun doesn't stop when the kids get bigger.

Unknown said...

I just watched this on Studio 5 and was mesmerized by the detail and simplicity of this camping fun! There were so many details that made this complete and I just can't imagine not having every single little detail as shown from logs to stones. With the magnetic fishing trip, to toasting hotdogs and marshmallows, it was just an absolute 10+++.
As this churned my imagination for small additions, I thought how fun it would be to extend it into the nighttime hours, the 'lights-out' occasion....bedtime. How fun to turn off the light and turn on the lamp that shines sparkly stars in the sky (on the ceiling) and one of the 'soundscape' recordings of a campfire crackling. Add a little battery powered, color-changing light to put in the center of the campfire with perhaps some type of see-thru fabric, and the camping experience continues long into the night.
A delightful set-up to have at Grandma's house where memories will be made and shared with giggly little grandchildren snuggling deep into their sleep-over, sleeping bags. Cousins making memories and bringing the outdoors in.
What a wonderful, creative talent you have shared. This is the greatest 'package' I have ever seen and I thank KSL Studio 5 for bringing it into our homes and hearts, and I thank you for your willingness to share! What a magnificent gift. Thank you.

CBrown said...

Very cute & creative. It inspires me to use my sewing skills to make a set for my grandson. Can you share where you found the cute lantern?

Thanks for the tutorial!

restlessrisa said...

Thank you! :-) It was a gift my sister-in-law found on Amazon.

restlessrisa said...

Vickie, wow, I think that is the nicest compliment I have ever received. Thank you so much! I would love to see if you create more. We have a star lamp. I had forgotten about it. I am excited to get it out. How perfect. I think we now need a CD with cricket sounds ;-) Thanks again gor stopping by. You are so sweet!

restlessrisa said...

It was a whole set, that came with a camp stove, pocket knife, pan, canteen :-)

restlessrisa said...

Hi funjani, thanks for your nice comment. We have one of those s'more cookers as well, it's the best! My kids love it, and I don't have to smell like a real campfire, haha. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your s'more bars :-)

Jill said...

Hi there! So in love with this project. A couple questions:
Where/how did you make that cute little teepee with white/blue striped fabric? It looks really easy to do but I"m not sure how. And 2- how did you make the felt chocolate bars look like that? Would love a mini tutorial on the marshmallows/grahams/chocolate. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Oh my heavens, I LOVE this! You did such a good job. I can't wait to see what you do next. (My three-year-old just saw this and said, "Oooh! Look how fun, Mommy!" Haha I couldn't agree more!)

Anita said...

This is Darling! Great job. I found you from BYOB FB page. I love this set, I'll have to try it. I pinned it as well :).

Unknown said...

Love your firepit and fishing pond! Saw it on studio 5 but just getting brave enough to try it. I think I've figured out everything but the marshmellows and hot dogs. Do you have any patterns or suggestions?

Unknown said...

Love your firepit and pond! Saw this on studio 5 and finally trying to make it! I think I have it all figured out except for the marshmellos and hotdogs. Do you have a pattern or suggestions ?

restlessrisa said...

Hi Maddie, I didn't do a tutorial for them, sorry. The hot dogs were just strips that I folded in half, and sewed up one side. I then turned them most of the way inside out, but left part of it inside. Then I just cut the bottom (that wasn't tucked in) into a curve. The marshmallows were two circles and a strip. I pinned and machine sewed the strip onto the circles. The strip overlapped on the side of the marshmallow where it met up. When I turned it right side out, I used the place where the strip overlapped to stick the roaster in. I will see if I can find a picture. I kinda just winged the whole thing, so I felt dumb doing a tutorial for that. So, I hope this makes sense, haha. So, you stick your roaster in the side, not the top. I actually hand stitched around the opening for the hole for the roaster to go in. Does that all make sense?

restlessrisa said...

Hi Jill. I thought I replied to this before. Sorry. I just found a tent tutorial online. There are tons. It was actually really easy! As for the chocolate, I just used 2 pieces of brown felt, sewed a square and then lines through it. I kinda winged it. I felt like if I cut the chocolate squares a little big, then sewed them, and trimmed again after it worked great.

Erin said...

So adorable! Do you have a posting for the pond project too?

restlessrisa said...

I don't. I am so sorry. I just kinda winged it. It's easier than you might think!

Jen said...

Hello! I love this so much. Can you please tell me where you got the deer? Thanks in advance!

restlessrisa said...

Hi Jen! I got it from ikea. Good luck!

Jen said...

Thanks for the info. I found the deer from a reseller and I wanted to ask how did you get yours to stand up? Mine is very floppy. Did you stuff it or prop it with something? Thank you so much again!

restlessrisa said...

I had totally forgotten, but I stuck a wire hanger in it to get it to stand.

Jen said...

That is genius. Thank you!

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