Thursday, August 18, 2011

Books and Reading Party {Back to School Party} Part 1, The Decor

My daughter is a book-worm. She would rather read than do about anything else. I have seen the most lovely reading and book parties lately, here and here. About the first link. You will not believe your eyes. If I had a team working with me on this party (and loads of time and money), maybe we could have hoped to do something like that. About the second link. That party was awesome too. Not to the same scale, but it was the first reading party I found online, and it got the wheel's turning. They were both my inspiration for the back to school party I threw for my daughter tonight.

This post is all about the decor. The next post will be about the crafts. The girls LOVED everything from the decor to the crafts to the food. They are at such a fun age. I am LUCKY TO BE A MOM. I really feel that way. Mothering has taken me on all sorts of fun adventures.

*update!!! You can see the craft post HERE!

So, here is my main display table. Yes, I know it is set up in front of a mirror. That's why all the pics are sideways. I used all the space on top of the table, and when I ran out of space, I opened the drawer. It worked so well!

I made the banner out of an old Gloden book, Lady and The Tramp, I got from DI for $.50. I know this will be offensive to some, but the colors were perfect, and the pictures so sweet. We already have our own copy of that book. I did feel a bit weird cutting it up, but it turned out so darling, that it was all worth it. All I did was cut the pages with a template I made and traced onto them. Then I sewed them all in the order I wanted onto a piece of ribbon.

I love the vibrant colors of the books, and got most of them at DI. Some are really old, and SO SWEET! I want to read them all! One of them is, Arabian Nights. You should see the pictures! Sigh...

I got the little tree at DI, and thought it could be in any number of stories, so I made the grass/land beneath it, into a book page.

We love, Anne of Green Gables, and had to display her.

See the book page wrapped egg? It would also fit into quite a few stories.

We LOVE, Princess Academy, at our house
(and anything by Shannon Hale, really.)

Look at the fairy wings... as if she came right out of a story :)

I got this gazebo at DI for $1.50. It was missing shingles, and instead of repairing it, I thought it would be nice to patch it with book pages... as if it's story was unfolding before our eyes...

I have to say... I LOVE THE WATER BOTTLES! My daughter and I put them together a few weeks ago, and they have been sitting there as my inspiration. I just used book pages that I punched on top, with a decorative punch, and tied tulle bows around to hold everything in place.

I didn't want to have to bake anything! These are sandwich cookies dipped in almond bark and sprinkled with pearl candy from, Bakers Cash and Carry, in SLC, UT. I knew they would be perfect when I saw them last week. I love that store. I found a few other FUN things there, that will be popping up on my blog in the next few months.

I got each girl a book (from DI - tacky? Maybe. I am not made of money:) The books were actually in perfect, near new condition. I wrapped them all up for the girls to take home.

I love the quote on the front:
Life is made up of a series of stories.
I am so glad you are part of mine.

I made the label in Picasa, of course.

Tune in for more of this fun party. Next up... SUPER CUTE CRAFTS!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!



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shelley Moore said...

uh... you might want to get that ringing phone... Studio 5 is calling !! :) Awesome!
and I have to say the repair of the roof with a book page is pretty genius... i love when design surprises me!

Alexis said...

What a fantastic party! I especially love the quote at the end!

Candy McCall said...

darling! Love the cookies and the cute saying on the books.

Candy McCall said...

and the fairy turned out super cute too!

Unknown said...

Love this party! I want my own FAB book party! Throw me one please!

Just Jaime said...

Love the quotes and old books. I just read Anne of Green Gables and so that one popped out at me. Looks like a fun party!

Lila said...

I LOVE that you used the Goldenbook to make a banner!! Books are an AMAZING source for art!! I have framed book illustrations in just about every room in my house; they're some of my very favorite things!!! I never look at it as book defacing~~~I like to call it repurposing :)

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Looks so inspiring...makes me almost want to start a book! I think the repair of the roof is brillant! Great job!

~The Bargain Babe from *Zucchini Summer Blog* said...

What a fun party! I'm thinking of doing a book theme for my little guy's 2nd birthday next year. :)

You made yours nice and girly with the fairy (and book page wings!) and other little pretties.

:) Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Because this is SOOOOO amazing, I'm featuring you and this post at this week's For the Kids Link Party at Sun Scholars! Thanks for sharing!!! Stop by and grab your A++ button and share with us again this week!

Megs said...

RISA!!! We loved this party. I lived vicariously through my daughter on this one. You are AMAZING! I love that her book is from the DI. We just got a ton of books from there this summer. Recycled books are the best. Hers looks brand new. She lucked out and got Anne Of Green Gables. I was so Excited. Really Risa, we need to be BFF's so I can come and play inside your creative head:)

Tabitha said...

found you on a Pinterest hunt for Back To School party images--such wonderful ideas! Beautiful display, thanks for sharing!!

Tabitha said...

wow! I found you doing a Pinterest search for Back To School party ideas. Amazing, adorable and creative! I'll be borrowing lots of your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Lexie said...

Love your party! My daughter wanted a book party for her birthday and we are doing it this weekend. Would you be willing to share the file with your label you put on the wrapped books?


Lexie said...

Love your party! My daughter wanted a book party for her birthday and we are doing it this weekend. Would you be willing to share the file with your label you put on the wrapped books?


restlessrisa said...

Hi Lexi, I no longer have it, because we got a new computer, and lost a bunch of stuff in the transition. I created it in pic monkey. I brought in a white page, then laid a circle on top of that, then the words. I punched it out with a scalloped punch. I hope this help! I would love to see what you do for your party. Have fun :)

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