Thursday, May 8, 2014

Office Wall Collage

If you follow me on Instagram (RESTLESSRISA_RISABAKER), you know that my husband and I recently installed a faux brick wall, using faux brick panels from Lowes. I will share the full tutorial on that in a few days. Today, I wanted to share the before and after of my, craft room turned office, wall. You won't believe where I picked up all the pieces I used to style the space!

This is the finished product.

Here are two shots from before… Charming? No.

 The brick is now on the wall where the armoire was.

I wanted the space to feel fresh and clean. I wanted to use my favorite color:


I wanted to create my own graphic art out of a $3 canvas from Hobby Lobby.

I wanted to use real sliced agate.

I mounted my agate slices in a $1 thrifted frame, using epoxy from the hardware store.

I had to display that sweet little $1 thrifted Dutch clog / pencil holder,
as a shout out to my 1/4 Dutch heritage.

A sculpture my grandma gave me years ago.
My grandma loved sculpture. Her house was always full of sculptures.
I miss her.

A handmade piece of water color art, in a $2 thrifted frame, and $1 thrifted mat.

Thrifted $3 lamp, which I still may paint gold.
This one is giving me grief, but I am leaning towards gold.
Now to decide... gold and white, gold and black, all gold???
Gold leaf, gold spray paint, liquid gold leaf...
Any thoughts?

Horse head $24 from Homegoods.
Mounted on a frame my in-laws gave me.
I painted the backing with blue and green craft paint
I mixed together to look a little marbled.

I know you want a closeup of the horse head…

A thrifted oil painting. I think I paid $3.
My beloved agate paper weight.
Polka-dot stationary box underneath a silver jewelry box.
All you ladies know what that little blue box is… amiright?
Everything sitting in a $1 thrifted tray.

I love the depth and scale of everything on the wall.

I love it from every angle.
Did I mention I painted the table I already had?
The table was a gift from a fabulous girlfriend.

This space makes me SO happy now!

It feels fresh and clean. 

Do you want a tutorial on any of the art pieces?

Let me know.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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Unknown said...

I love it all. Such a great space. Makes me want to go redo something.

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