Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Utah Pioneer Trivia and DIY chalkboards

If you are a Utahan, and love our state holiday, July 24  Pioneer Day, as much as I do, you might consider bringing the pioneers back into Pioneer Day this year.

I have a fun idea, for a way to do just that!

Pioneer Day Trivia on homemade chalkboards!

There are loads of  tutorials for making a diy chalkboards floating around on the internet. I will just tell you, in a nutshell: At Home Depot, I purchased a thin piece of mdf for around $4. You can have them cut it up for you, or you can do it yourself. I cut it myself, because I have a saw. I got eight chalkboards from each piece of mdf. After it is cut and sanded, you paint it with chalkboard paint, and you are already to go! I think I even saw chalkboard the last time I was there that you could just have them cut, if you didn't want to deal with painting.

I used the chalkboards I made for a Little House on the Prairie Party I hosted for my daughter's birthday (more to come). You can see them laying out as part of the party display.

I used fry boxes, wrapped in cute strips of coordinating fabric to hold the chalk and erasers (cotton balls).

I asked each girl questions about my daughter, and they wrote their answers on their chalkboards. She has some sweet friends!

It was such a fun game!

I thought why not do this at a family party, and ask family history questions, or Utah Pioneer trivia questions?

Below, are links to websites with fun trivia that you might like to use for your family gathering.

It would be so fun if you have a family history buff in your family, that could put a quiz together about your family history, to help educate your family, and bring you closer to your ancestors.

So, I know that not everyone has time to make chalkboards for the 24th of July celebration. This could easily be done on paper, but the chalkboards really give it that pioneer feel, and make the game more memorable! It would be a fun tradition to start this year!

I hope this helps you bring the pioneers back into Pioneer Day this year!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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