Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vinegar Taffy

Today, we had the special treat of my cute mom visiting, and pulling taffy with us. I remember doing this as a kid. I loved it. When I think of homemade taffy, I think of vinegar taffy. It has a very unique old fashioned flavor, unlike anything you find in stores today.

I learned how to make taffy from my mom. My mom learned from her mom, my grandma Pam, whom I miss dearly. My  grandma learned from her mom, Pearle. I miss my great grandma as well. 

I love using a recipe that has been passed down through the generations. I love that my mom taught my kids how to make and pull taffy today.

This is the recipe, in my mom's own handwriting. She wrote this out in her 20's.

Vinegar Taffy
2 cups sugar
1/8 tsp cream of tartar
2 Tbsp butter
1/2 cup cider vinegar
1 dash of salt

We doubled this recipe. Combine all ingredients in pan, and cook over med to med high heat. No need for much stirring. You don't want sugar crystals to form.

You will want to test it after it has cooked a while, and make sure it is at the hard ball stage. My cute mom had each of my kids try the taffy in every stage. My boy wasn't sure about the vinegar flavor at first. And, I have to add... my husband shaved his hair into a mohawk on Sunday. He gets to look like this for one week. He LOVES it. I am not sold.

Always a kiss from the baby.

This is what the taffy will look like in the hard ball stage.

After the taffy reaches the hard ball stage, you pour it into a greased pan to cool for about 20 minutes.

Once you are able to handle it,  you flip the corners in, and make it into a lump.

Start cutting out chunks, and pass them out to all the helpers!

It shouldn't burn your hands, but should still be hot.

Now it's time for a taffy pulling lesson. It's easy:
That's it. 
The goal is to get as much air into the taffy as possible.

The taffy will lighten up as you pull.

It takes some serious muscle. Be sure and butter your hands!

You can even do it as a team if you like.

Lay it on a greased counter.

The taffy should be dull when it's time to lay it on the counter for scoring.

Lay on the counter and score with a knife. Notice how light the color has turned. It is now the right texture.

After you have scored it, let it sit for a few minutes, and hit the back of the taffy with the back of a knife. It will break apart.

Be sure and and wrap each piece in 6"x6" wax paper, and share this little charming treat with your friends and neighbors... if you have any left.

Have a Happy and Creative Day.

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Teri said...

We have this same recipe and tradition in our family. NO taffy in the world matches its awesomeness!

Betsy said...

I made this years ago as a teenager with my girlfriend. My brother wanted to make some and we made it one night while mom was at work. We had a Formica table and I told him that we would pour the taffy on that to cool, but we had to ..........aw shucks, too late. He didn't hear me say butter the table, and he poured the candy on the table. Well, there we were, trying to get the stuff cleaned up, licking it, pushing it around, etc., when mom came home around midnight. She was a nurse. Well, my brother tried to look casual and leaned on the table with his palm right in the candy. Thank goodness it was still clear and she thought it was water! We chatted for a few minutes and mom knew something was up, but couldn't figure out what it was. She wanted my brother to help her with something and he started to walk after her, but he was stuck to the table! She looked at him and we all had a good laugh until she went to bed and we had to figure out how to clean the mess up. It was really good, and we worked hard to get it, but be sure to butter whatever you pour the candy on. I won't even mention the cherry pie my brother made. He never thought about removing the pits!:) But, this is a good recipe and brings back many fond memories. Thanks so much, I'm going to make it tomorrow. It's midnight now, and too late to start anything.

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