Monday, September 22, 2014

DIY Urchin tutorial

I have been seeing these Sea Urchins all over the place. I knew I had to have one in my home.

I tried it the first time with Crayola Air Dry Clay. It was NO GOOD, and broke the minute I set it down.

They can get pretty expensive. I have seen them range from about $13 to over $100! This baby cost under $5. Yup, you read me, under $5. All you need is a pack of mini dowels from Michael's $2.99, and a pack of Sculpey also from Michael's. It was on sale last week for $1.25. You also need spray paint. I chose gold.

I got my inspiration for the project from Kristin at Hunter Interior. Her blog is one of my absolute favorites! I did it the way she did it. I rolled the clay into a ball, placed it on a cookie sheet (flattening the bottom), and started inserting the dowels. I started by making an X shape first, then filling in the quadrants equally, until all the dowels were gone. I then baked according to package instructions, waited for it to cool, and  spray painted it gold. You could paint it any color you want. 

It is super sturdy, and has lived in a few places in my home, including my basement built-in. See it up there in the left hand corner on a stack of books?

It seems to fit anywhere I put it. Do you have a place in your home that needs a faux brass urchin?

Thanks for stopping by. 

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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