Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gold Leaf Cameo Style Silhouette DYI

I have wanted to make silhouettes of my kids for years! I think they are so sweet, and charming. They  are a throwback, but I wanted to give them a modern twist. I bought all my supplies from Hobby Lobby, but if you are a couch shopper, you can find them through my affiliate links below.

You will need:

I use a little more expensive and nicer quality, for thicker paint and better coverage.
Gold Leaf Sealant
Paint Brush
Dry Brush

Snap a picture of your kids with your smart phone. Email it to yourself, and size it in a program like pic monkey. Print it out, and cut around to make a the silhouette.

You can embellish hair if you need to. I also made the eyelashes bigger than they looked in the picture so they would stand out. I also added a flip to my duaghters pony tail.

 Paint around the silhouette in the color of your choice. I thought I would try filling the gold in with a gold sharpie. Looked crazy, and didn't work at all.

Next, paint the gold leaf adhesive in the area where you want the gold to stick. Wait until it becomes tacky, and lay the sheets on the adhesive. Brush the excess off with a dry brush.

You can seal the gold if you want to. I haven't sealed these yet, because I don't think they will come in contact with much of anything. I life the freshness they bring into my home.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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Unknown said...

Ooh, I think I will have to make a pink and gold for my baby girl!

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