Tuesday, July 14, 2015

UTAH GIRL iron on shirt DIY

You know when you have something in your brain, and you can't find it in any store, so you just have to make it yourself? That was the case with this shirt! I have seen fun floral lettered shirts, but never one with the words I want or a fit I like. 

So, I went to the Apple Store on Saturday, and asked them to teach me how to create the graphic. I love the Genius Bar. I created This UTAH GIRL themed shirt, and I am dying over the results!

All you need is the printable I designed. I actually designed 10 different patterns!  It can be found at the bottom of the post. Heat transfer paper (Amazon or craft store), a shirt, and an iron. 

Always follow the instructions on your iron transfer paper. Print the image on the iron transfer paper, and cut around the image, rounding the corners. Place the image face down on your shirt in the position you want, and iron with a good about of pressure. Make sure the steam is turned off. Wait two minutes, and pull the backing off. You are finished, and have a beautiful Utah Girl shirt! Be sure and wash and care for it as is instructed, so it lasts as long as possible.

Isn't it CUTE!?!

Here's the same stencil on a dark shirt.

This is another take on the same shirt, but in a darker color. I used iron transfer paper for light fabrics, instead of dark fabrics, and the image didn't show very well, but I still like it.
Print the image out on your heat transfer paper.

Cut the letters out.

Space them the way you want on your shirt.

Be sure and turn them face down before ironing. Set your iron on the highest, no steam setting. Turn the steam off. Press firmly and iron the letters in place.

Wait two minutes before pulling the backing off, and there you have it, a cute, one of a kind UTAH GIRL shirt! 

Click HERE for the printable files!

Did I mention I am offering 10 pattern choices? 
Tell the printer which page you want, and print.

I can't decide which shirt I like best.What do you think?


Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

You are looking super LEAN and mean!!! Shirt is darling too!!

restlessrisa said...

Thanks Heather! You are a doll! 💗💗💗

Kari said...

Love this!!! Also love the shirt below!!
Nice work!!

restlessrisa said...

Thanks Kari!!!

Hi, I'm Aleisha! said...

Where do you go for your t-shirts? (I'm looking for cute and affordable!)

restlessrisa said...

Ha Mama! I got these from H&M at Station Park. 2/$10. Over the 4th of July, they were 4/$10! Love you sister! 💗

Kim said...

I loved your segment on Studio 5. Where did you get the wall hanging of the bee and the "established 1846"? I loved it, too!

restlessrisa said...

Thanks Kim! I got it at, The Wood Connection.

alicia king said...

just watched the rerun on this...and hot damn girl! you look amazing, i think you always look so cute and put together ♥ love the shirts too, i need an idaho one ;)

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