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We camp with our kids, spring, summer, and fall. We have a pop-up trailer, that we usually take camping. We have recently noticed, that as our kids have gotten older, our time and availability to get away for days at a time is less and less. We are trying to do family time whenever we can, so the back yard is there perfect option!
The thing that is awesome about camping in your yard, is that you can really make your tent feel like home, and so cozy, without having to drag all the decorations and pillows with you to the wilderness.
When I mentioned glamping to my daughter and her friends, they got SO EXCITED, so I let them decorate. They decorated everything themselves! They are little interior designers in the making.
They went through the house and just gathered anything they thought would work in the space.
We have pillows from my bed, and from two different couches.
First things first, we blew up an aero bed. It came with its own  pump, and the great thing about being in our backyard, was that we just plugged an extension cord into our house.
Also, aero beds are SO COMFORTABE! 
We pulled the blue table in from my entryway, and it worked great!
On the other side, the girls flipped cardboard boxes upside down, and covered with sheets and scarves.
Hanging art on the inside made it feel extra homey!
A chandelier is a MUST! I got mine at Biglots, on clearance for $17. It is battery powered.
I hung it on a string that I threaded through the inside flaps.
The outside was fun to decorate as well.
I pulled a lantern from my yard, to sit by yard chairs.
I pulled a rug out to set in front of the tent, under the awning. It added nice texture and interest.
 Tent glamping is a perfect thing to do with your family, and also for a date night! You can get alone time without leaving the kids!
Most men (in my experience) love camping. Tent glamping is a win win. You get the comforts of home, and he gets to feel like he is camping!

 I had literally 4 minutes to get these photos in, before it started to pour!
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