Friday, February 18, 2011


As promised, I am showing you a few of the burp cloths I designed for my baby boy. My awesome mom sewed them for me, as it was too uncomfortable to sit at the sewing machine at the end of my pregnancy. I cut out and pinned everything on, and she sewed everything on. We make a pretty good team!

Beta Fish!
This fabric matches his car seat cover that I made.

Marching Elephants!

Boys are a Blast!

Turtle Time!



We made a few more, but they look just like the ones you find on etsy and other sites. I just wanted to share the more unique ones.

Have a Happy and Creative day!


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Unknown said...

What a fun way to dress up the standard burp cloth. You're making me want another baby just so I can do all of the fun projects that go with them!

Nicole said...

Dang! I had no idea you were so talented. I should have known, though, based on all the evidence (ancestry and other empirical data). I wish I had these burp cloths! I'm about to have a baby boy. Did you know? :)

Unknown said...

I need a how to, baby boy over here needs some stylish burp clothes.

Unknown said...

These are really CUTE!!!! I lave the beta fish and the rocket and well all of them!

Amber said...

Very cute and fun! I'm all about homemade baby gifts. Love the turtle. Thanks for sharing!

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