Saturday, February 12, 2011

What are you doing for Valentines?

Maybe this post is TMI. Maybe it's okay. You be the judge...

What do you do for Valentines day? When I think about V-day, I think about all the people I LOVE. Topping the list is my husband, and my kids. This post is about what I did last year for them.

For my husband, my neighbor and I traded babysitting kids, and we had a stay-at-home Valentines Day date. It was nice to be completely in control of everything. Yes, I am a control freak, but it makes it nice when things flow smoothly.

My theme was 50's HOUSE WIFE! Yes, I picked a theme for Valentines Day with my honey. EVERY detail was 50's, but I can't share all the details with you (wink, wink).

The only thing that wasn't, was the food. I had my husband pick up Chinese from our favorite Chinese restaurant, The Mandarin. I wanted to focus on everything else.

When he got home, I was wearing a 50's-ish dress. I had him sit on the couch, and gave him a paper, then rubbed his feet, and brought him sllippers! No, I have never done that before, and probably won't again. He was a little confused!

Okay, it's the 50's right? Let's make these photos look the right age.

I set the front room coffee table up in front of the fire place for us to dine.

Then I brought in the food.

I even tried to do my makeup like a girl from the 50's.

Alright, here's where the photo's stop... I will say though, that I transformed our master suite into what felt like a totally different room! There were candles, rose petals, and different bedding. I think he was very surprised! I love and appreciate my sweet husband. We have been married 11 1/2 years, and I like to do things that are memorable and fun for him and us. He also surprised me with a lovely piece of jewelry. He can never go wrong with jewelry! He knows me so well.

Now on to family LOVE!

This is a cherry pie I made for dessert.

When the kids came down for breakfast, I had the table set, and a little gift at each place, with a card telling them how much I LOVE them. They LOVED it!

We had heart shaped German pancakes.

I have to include photos of last year's formal dining room. It was not the favorite table I have ever set, but I liked it. My cute sister gave me the LOVELY pink glasses. I LOVE them.

I will use any excuse to put out my Great Grandma's silver.

I LOVE it too!

Have a LOVELY and Creative Day!


Chandler May said...

I think you are beautiful, now and in the 50's. It sounds like your husband was a very lucky man and you were completely taseful. So cute. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

You can tell how much you love your family by all of the effort you put into making them happy. Hope this year is fun for you and them too!

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