Monday, March 7, 2011

Car Seat Cover

There are so many DARLING car seat covers out there right now, and I knew I wanted one for this baby... I just didn't want to pay the price. I looked online, and found a couple great tutorials, like this one on Make It, Do It. I didn't take the time to make my own tutorial, as there are so many out there in blog land already, but I thought I would at least share a photo of the one I made. I get stopped all the time, and people comment on it.

One of my cute followers sent me a message yesterday, and reminded me to post my pics (I had promised to do so in a post about burp cloths I made. One of the burp cloths matches this). Thank you! I feel like it's hard to remember anything these days :) Here is a view of the front:

The lady who cut the fabric for me thought it looked more like a girl, but it is blue and orange! Maybe it's the damask pattern? I don't know. I didn't want to do cars or dinosaurs or anything, as I am the one carrying it... not the baby. I wanted happy bright colors. I knew I would be carrying it a little in the winter, but mostly in the spring. I may have done different colors if I had the baby in late summer or fall. My favorite thing is the fat rickrack that separates the different fabrics. Here is a view of the back. You can see I did the damask section smaller for the back.

Here is a top view. See the fat rickrack on the straps? I love it!

This is the first baby I have had a car seat cover for, and I have absolutely LOVED it. I can protect him from germs, weather, and light... when I want him to sleep and not be distracted. This is an excellent project for a beginning seamstress. The only problem I had, was I put the straps in the wrong place, so mine was attached backwards, and I had to unpick it. But, if you were using just one piece of fabric, that wouldn't be a problem. Like I said... This is really a great project for someone who is just beginning to sew. The tutorial I listed above was great!
Good luck, and Happy Sewing!

UPDATE!!! I don't know why I didn't mention this when I originally made this post. Well, it was the middle of the night after feeding the baby. But... I wanted to tell all you out there who would rather just buy one of these... about my friend who has a store and sells car seat covers, neck ties, and hair clips. The Store is called Peanut Posh. She has kiosks in Utah Malls, and you can order on line as well. Check her store out. She has darling high quality things for boys and girls. Her car seat covers are super cute, and she has the rest of the car seat accessories to match!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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Unknown said...

How adorable is this! I think it looks great for a boy, and you're right you're the one carrying it. Thanks for linking to a tutorial!

Jennifer Interiors said...

Don't listen to the lady at the fabric store. She doesn't know what she is talking about. The fabric choices are beautiful and perfect for YOU AND your little man! Nicely done!

Brooke said...

Sooo, I thought "Ok, Risa is amazing with all she accomplishes and all her time to be creative, getting all her work done and still having time to do cute little home made touches for her home... but after this baby comes, she will be so busy with a new little one, how will she be able to keep up on the creativity projects?"
but I must say, you did prove me wrong, you ARE super mom. I LOVE the party, and the baby cover is actually beautiful! It looks very much like little boy colors. So perfect ;)

Wendy said...

Absolutely darling...I love the fabric! I still need to come see you guys...sorry I'm a slacker.

Nicole said...

That's so dang cute! I just sewed a baby blanket, but that's the first thing I've done since junior high (TLC haha). My husband Stoker is pretty good at making things on the sewing machine. Maybe I can get him to follow this tutorial.

I love the colors and patterns you picked, and that's an excellent point that you're the one who's carrying the car seat, not the baby. Good one!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

That is so cute. My daughter could use one of these instead of draping a blanket over the seat. Thanks for joining WUW.

Car Performance Products said...

Choosing a right car seat cover for kids is a difficult job but your tutorial help alot in choosing right cloth for this purpose.

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