Thursday, June 23, 2011


I mentioned the mini-classes my kids are involved in the last post. Well today, I hosted for my daughter and three of her darling friends. I remember the way my mom taught me to cross stitch, was using gingham. So, I decided to do the same thing with these girls.

I made them each an embroidery pouch to keep everything in when they were finished. I decided to do this literally one hour before they came.

Luckily, I had a bunch of cloth napkins I had started (and not finished) making. Did you know - I LOVE cloth napkins, and have many drawers bulging with them? I think they add so much to a meal and make your table look and feel beautiful!

Anyhoo... The edges were all serged and pressed. All I had to do was finish the two short edges, press everything how I wanted it, and sew down two sides. It really didn't even take 1/2 hr. I think they make better embroidery pouches than napkins anyway.

Each girl got a hoop. I got them each a 6" hoop from Ben Franklin. They were $1.09 each. My daughter picked a bunch of floss, so they all got to choose pieces or whatever color they wanted.

Last night, I marked a pattern for each girls name with a pencil on the gingham. It did take a while to figure out how large to do the letters, but after I figured it out, it was easy. I used graph paper for practice before marking the fabric up.

When the girls got here, they each got this felt which I stitched beforehand. They stuffed it with batting, and I stitched it closed to make a pincushion.

We don't want to lose any needles!
I already had the scraps, buttons, thread, and pins, so it cost me nothing, and added a cute touch.

Most of them had finished their name by the time the class was over.

Aren't they darling?!? What a fun day. I love being a mom, and getting to know my children's friends. The thing I liked best, was sitting with the girls on the floor in the family room basically the whole time, and just listening to them talk about their cute little lives.

My daughter said it was the best craft she has ever made. She wanted to make one for her brother, so I found a piece of mini hounds-tooth fabric, and marked his name on there for her. She is almost finished. Wow... who knew she would like it so much?

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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udy family said...

Darling! I sure missed the boat w/ the mini craft classes this summer. What a darling idea!

Tanya said...

That is so great! I have been wanting to show my daughter how to do that, I am more self taught, but I was not sure how. Thank you for sharing.

Wendy said...

You continue to amaze and astound me with your energy and creativity!

elizabeth said...

What a great idea!!! ANd I love the cute!!!!

Jenni R. said...

Thanks for a great idea! My daughter's are a little younger, but I think I may give this a shot! What a great opportunity you had to teach those girls and be with them.

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