Friday, August 19, 2011

Books and Reading Party {Back to School Party} Part 2, The Crafts

As promised in my last post about my daughter's back to school party with a reading/book theme that you can see here, the crafts are outlined below. It was dark by the time they finished, and the photos were not so great last night, so I snapped a few this morning.

Here is a little teaser of the cuteness...

Let's start with the invitations, shall we?

I found the template for the library card here.

I thought I was being so crafty, then it occurred to me that my daughter may have never even seen a library card, as things are digital now days. I asked her, and she said she had seen one once in an old book. I thought I was being so clever. Well, I guess the mom's will appreciate it :)

Now, on to my favorite craft of the night!!! The bird cages. I found the basic idea here.


I knew I wanted them to be on a pedestal and wanted them to be painted, but I had a terrible time finding wooden disks big enough to work. I asked my dad what to do, and
Am I lucky or what???

Actually, my mom and dad both ended up making them for me. Aren't my parents so cute! This is them a few weeks ago at my cousin's Big Fat Greek wedding.

Thanks guys! You're the best! I wrangle my mom into projects all the time, but I never expected my dad to offer to help, and I am so glad he did!

Anyhow... I glued the disks to the candlesticks with E600 craft glue.

I had one waiting on a paper plate at each girls place, along with a paint brush. They painted them first, then moved onto other crafts while waiting for them to dry. Once they were dry, the girls made the cages, by sticking a brad through 3 strips of book pages (pre-cut). I stapled them in place. I thought it was the best option for hooking paper to wood. I just used a regular stapler.

The girls chose their paper to wrap around the bottom. I had two colors pre-cut for them to choose from. Preparation is key when hosting a craft night.

These are the papers I chose. I got them at Ben Frankilin. I only used three sheets of paper for everything. (Excluding the beaks and legs. I used one orange bookmark from the next craft.)

Again, preparation is key. I had all the shaped traced onto paper, and just handed them to the girls to cut out.

I thought the little birdies turned out so cute :)

They all turned out so darling, and the girls were very happy with themselves. My daughter's cage (pink) flew off the deck while taking pics, and landed upside down. It made the cage kind of wonky, but I like it!


I only used 3 papers for this as well, and one pack of pebbles. I LOVE this paper, and the pebbles together. I got them all at Ben Franklin.

They didn't come together, but matched perfectly!

Again... everything was pre-cut. The girls just had to pick out that they wanted, trim away the excess, and glue everything together.

The base of the bookmark was sandwiched in between two circles, and glued, then the pebble was stuck on top. These were really easy, and didn't take long at all.

The girls were super excited to make them, and they were easy as well.


I got these great fabric stickers at Ben Franklin. They were with the rest of the paper. They were PERFECT, and the girls were proud of themselves after they made them. They are $5.99 per package, but if you use a coupon, it is more reasonable.

This is how it started... The girls got to pick a sticker, bobby pin, and a piece of felt.

They attached the bobby pin to the felt.

Stuck the sticker on top.

Used SHARP good scissors to cut around the fabric sticker, and there you have it. Most of them put them right in their hair right after they finished.


These are the papers I used. Again, only three sheets of paper (double sided), and I cut them into 4ths, and had them ready. They were easy to make too, but I had to attach them with the pins for the girls.

They had fun with them though. :) I love the colors.

I had two more crafts in mind, but we ran out of time. I will save them for another craft night. This was 2 hrs, and I am so glad I got to have these cute girls in my house. Lucky me.

Here they all are. Darling!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!



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Brad Kami and kids said...

I want to make those bird cages-- those are soooooo cute Risa

Kristin said...

Wow! Those are all so cute! I found you through Tatertots and Jello. You do wonderful work!

Just Jaime said...

Fun! The invites are my favorite!

sugarbeankenzie said...

too cute! what a great idea for a back to school party. :) what manufacturer are those bookmark papers? SO gorgeous!

restlessrisa said...

It is by a company called, "Basic Gray," and the line is, "Out of Print." :)



Anonymous said...

I love your ideas here! I think I "pinned" about 5 to do myself or w/ my son. And it's so great to foster the love of reading early--even w/ my busy adult life, I still read at least 1 book a week.

Sarah Smiles said...

Hi Risa, this is Sarah Fitzgerald Eich. Nice blog! It is so fun to see you and your cute family!

Megs said...

E had so much fun at your party.You are such an awesome mom. I just love how creative you are.

Unknown said...

as usual...Love it :)

malia said...

Hi Risa... What an absolutely beautiful party! Stunning! I am happy to be your 300th follower (-: Looking forward to more amazing ideas. I noticed you mentioned Ben Franklin... are you in the Seattle area? Happy Weekend. Malia

restlessrisa said...

Malia, Thank you for becoming my 300th follower!!! You made my whole day :) I am not in Seattle, though I have been twice, and love it! I am in Utah. Thanks for your kind words. Have a great day!



allreddesign said...

You are darling and you create such fun things with and for your kids!! Love you friend!!

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