Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby room, and a DYI HIGH!

Last week, my friend Kristen painted the MOST DARLING canvases for her nursery. It reminded me that mine is still not finished. I decided I needed to do something about it! (Thanks for the nudge Kristen!) So, I went to DI on Monday, and spent $22. I got SO many things! I wanted to share a few with you. And, let me start by saying... Before this baby, we gave away, or loaned out 95% of our baby stuff. When we had this baby, I basically had to start from scratch. The only thing in his whole nursery that is from my other babies, is the glider.

I wanted a shelf, and was so happy to find this quilt shelf for $5 - yes $5!!! I knew all it would need is a little paint. I just happened to have a can of white spray paint in the garage. Perfect!

Then, I found these elephants for $1 each. I was having a thrifting high when I found them, because just that morning, I was at Homegoods, thinking about getting a few elephants for $10 each. That's a 90% savings, and you don't even have to pay tax at DI!!!

I decided to make book ends out of them. We are finishing our basement, and our contractor (who is fabulous, by the way) was down there working. I went down, found a few scraps, and he cut and brad nailed them together for me. Thanks Curtis! You rock!

A perfect fit!

I spray painted the wood blue to match my changing table. Do you remember my changing table? You can see it HERE.

See the "Silly Sally," book on the shelf? It is one of our favorites. When I got the baby books out, the kids were loving having a walk down memory lane, and reading all the old books. They totally LOVE, Silly Sally.

The next thing I did, was make a letter "r" to go on the shelf. I was all ready to go to Hobby Lobby to buy one, when I remembered that my AWESOME HUSBAND bought me a scroll saw a few weeks ago. It is my new favorite thing. I really love it. LOVE IT! Thanks Honey!

I went to picnic, found a font I liked, and printed and cut it out. Then I grabbed a piece of pine and traced the letter. I cut it out in two minutes.

Then I traced the letter onto some scrapbook paper I already had. I cut it out, and masking taped it onto the wood.
It was SO easy! I was on another high... not a thrifting high, but a DIY high.

By the way... here is the before picture.

Did I mention the crib was free from the classifieds? People are SO nice. I may paint it some day, but probably not. The thought of that makes me tired.

I got a few more things for the nursery at DI that day, but I haven't finished them yet. I can't find my little people vintage circus animals. (Like I say, we are finishing our basement, and all the toys and things are in bins in the garage.) When I do find them, I will post pics of the next project!

So, for $7 and some spray paint, I totally changed the room!

Have a Happy and Creative day!



Unknown said...

Don't you just love finding thrify solutions for decor! Very cute! I love the elephants!

Jennifer Interiors said...

Love this! I especially love your cute theme and color palate. :)

Brad Kami and kids said...

The shelf just completes the room! So cute, Risa! Lovin' the bookends!! What a great find!

Wendy said...

Such a cute are so clever!

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