Saturday, March 10, 2012

Indian / Bollywood Party, Part 5 {Decor and Dress}

I was feeling pretty good about myself, and the Taj Mahal and Indian Dolls I made, and thought they would suffice for the decor, then I thought about it and asked my SUPER-FABULOUS-sister-in-law, Angie, if she wanted to help. She said not only would she help, but she would bring some decorations.

She said she has a friend who went to India, and she was going to borrow some stuff from her. I figured she would bring a sari or two, and maybe a picture. Oh no, when she showed up... her car was PACKED full of plants and decor - straight from India! Angie, YOU ARE THE BEST!!! How lucky an I to have a sister-in-law like her?!?

I had NO IDEA how fabulous it would look. "FABULOUS is as FABULOUS does" right? And, like I said, Angie is fabulous! So is her friend for letting us borrow everything!

I have wanted to show a few pics from Sophie's Indian Photo Shoot, but like I said... the computer was not working :( This picture worked out fine though. I have to tell you about this frame, and most of the pillows from the couches that you will see below. Well, I will tell you in a minute... Keep reading! :)

I love this elephant and the whole display!

Isn't this book the sweetest!?!

Do you like how we hung the sari on the windows? So fun!!!

Alright, now for the pillows. I have this sweet friend Julie. She grew up with my aunt. We are facebook friends, and follow each other on Pinterest. She saw that I was pinning a bunch of stuff for an Indina / Bollywood party. She left me a message asking if I wanted a bunch of Indian pillows and decor for my party. She said she was cleaning out and getting rid of them, and wondered if I could use them. HOW SWEET AND THOUGHTFUL ARE YOU, JULIE?!? Thank you!!! I was so excited to get them. They worked perfectly! It was a LARGE bag, full of shams, a throw, pillows, a picture frame and lantern. I am so lucky to have such great people in my life!!! Thanks again Julie!!!

So, of course I had to buy myself a sari! I got it at the same Krishna Temple in Salt Lake City, UT where I got my daughter's. It was also $18.

Two of my awesome girlfriends offered to help. Thanks Kristen and Christine! You ladies are the best!

Here is the lovely Angie. I never got a posed picture of her, but she looked SO BEAUTIFUL, like an Indian Princess!

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