Friday, March 30, 2012

DIY First Aid Kit / Travel Kit Tutorial {Reusable Shopping Bag - part 2}


You can make between 7 and 9 first aid kits for $1, plus the cost of the zip lock bags. I am about to show you how...

You will need:

1 large reusable shopping bag - I got mine at TJ Maxx.
Zip lock sandwich bags, or whatever size bags you want. I used standard sandwich size, and small bags found in the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby.

This is another super easy project!!! You will be so proud of yourself when you are finished.

Step 1:

Cut you bag apart as pictured below. You might want to leave the finished edges on the side pieces, as pictured below. I did it for one and not the other, and prefer having the finished edge.

See, when they are folded up, they look even better with the piping around the edge.

Step 2:

Lay whatever bag you are using over your re-usable shopping bag, and cut strips. If you don't mind the bags hanging over the sides of the re-usable shopping bag, you will be able to get 9 out of one bag, but if you prefer they be covered, you will be able to get 7. You will be able to get 4 to 6 kits (depending on the inside bag size) from the front and back, 2 from the sides, and 1 from the bottom.

Step 3:

Cut the remaining pieces into strips that are the same width as the kit.

Fold in thirds if you want to have no exposed edges. If you are okay with exposed edges, just cut a piece in the size you want.

Step 4:

Lay your bags so that their bottoms overlap, and leave enough room on top that the flap will be able to be folded over after it is finished. I prefer using the finished edge, or top of the shopping bag for the flap. It will give a more finished look.

Place the strip you folded over the overlapping bags.

Pin in place. The bags have a tendency to move a bit. You might have to adjust them even as you sew.

Step 5:

Sew everything in place in the shape of a rectangle.

Step 6:

Place two (or desired amount) of self-adhesive Velcro circles on the inside flap, and outside cover, wherever you think they need to be. You shouldn't need to sew these. They are very sticky.

Fill your pack with whatever you want. This is an option we are looking at for Girls Camp First Aid Kits. I am thinking if the girls don't feel they need a first aid kit after the fact, they can use them for a travel bag.

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Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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irbuanosraL said...

Geez Louise! This is so awesome. I just found your blog recently, I love it!

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