Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pillow Sham {Reusable Shopping Bag - Part 7}

Reusable shopping bags make perfect pillow shams for indoor or out. They are easy to clean, and easy to make! This is the last of my reusable shopping bag series. I am sure you will find it super easy!

I have posted a tutorial in the past for the same technique to sew a pillow case. You can see it HERE. Let's get started. Use a bag preferably without any writing on the front or back. I got mine at Homegoods.

Cut off the straps, and cut a square out of the front.

Leave the bottom attached to the back.

Make the back piece the same width, and then fold in half and cut in half.

Place the top of the half on top of the front of the bag, with the nice sides facing each other. You will want the finished edge to be in the middle of the bag, as this is what you will see after you have sewn the pillow and turned it right side out.

Then, place the other half on top of that, again... nice sides facing each other.

Pin everything in place, and sew around the perimeter.

Cut the bulk out of the corners.

Turn right side out.

Here is a view from the back. It will be a little hard to fit the pillow into the sham, as there is no give in the material we used, but it will work.

There you have it... a super easy pillow sham that works great for indoors or out! It is one you won't have to tell your kids not to touch.


Marci said...

um. you're adorable and these ideas are AWESOME!
seriously so them.

Anonymous said...

Risa -- Fran Booker here!! I saw you on Studio 5 and have been smiling all day! Brilliant bag ideas ... I'm gonna try it for sure! You are darling and I am excited to follow your blog! Love, Fran

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