Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Decor & Easter Bunny Day

My daughter and I thought it would be fun to hang eggs from the chandelier in the formal dining room. Once we started hanging the ribbon, we didn't feel we needed any eggs. I like how it turned out, and think I will keep it up through at least May Day. It reminds me of a maypole.

Did I mention the chandelier was a $5 thrift store find? I was so proud of myself the day I found it! I felt SO LUCKY!

Another shot!

The place mats, glasses and napkins are some that I got for my birthday in 2010, and the little pink cups are from the dollar section of Michael's. The dinner plates are Wal-mart, green plates are Tai Pan, and the small salad plates are thrift store.

I can't remember where the chocolate bunny place card holders are from. The centerpiece bunny is also Tai Pan. The carrots are Shopko. For me, the key to making a table beautiful, is LAYERS! The more the better!

Do you remember my Easter table from years past? You can see it HERE. That was my very first blog post, and it ended up on Studio 5! I decided it was time for a change this year.

And, here you can see my new chairs. I LOVE them. They were only $42 each!!!

Here is the Easter tree I used to put on my formal dining table.

And, the carrot garland I always use. I still love it.

As a child, the Saturday before Easter was Easter Bunny Day. The Easter Bunny comes on that day, and that way, we can think about the real meaning of Easter on Easter Sunday. I have carried the same tradition on at my house. I really like, and recommend it! That way the kids can play with their stuff all day Sat. Thanks Mom!

Here are a few shots of the kids.

Baby kept his ears on for about 2 seconds.

They each got a cute stuffed bunny, and baby LOVED his!
He was SO EXCITED about everything! We have a bunch of shots of him holding different things up to show us with the same excited look on his face.

She might be getting too old for this, but I will take every minute I can get!

Easter Bunny left eggs around the house for the kids to find.

All the kids got a Lego set, including baby, who got his own Duplo set. I LOVE Lego Duplo! He loves it too!

With the addition of, "girl Legos," we are turning into quite the Lego family!

Con says he started it all!

I hope you have a Happy Easter!



Lori said...

So cute!! I love your ideas!

Unknown said...

Easter Bunny Day is a great idea. I love all your cute decor ideas too.

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