Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Picture Frame Molding on Studio 5

I had the awesome opportunity to have a segment on Studio 5 last week, and thought I would share it with you here. I got to share my lovely picture frame molding. It was a fun segment, where I also shared ideas for decorating the top of the molding. Take a look.

I had fun prepping for this segment, and got to work with the lovely Mindy Dunyon on this one. She is great, super easy going, and helpful. Cody the camera guy was super nice. Makes me feel extra cool when someone comes to my house to film me or something I have done ;) Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and will give a wall treatment a try in your home. It will make such a huge difference!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


1 comment:

BusyBee Emily said...

Rissa! I haven't contacted you since the day of the shoot...you did such a great job! I LOVE the molding!! I can't really make it work in my house layout for the hallway, but I sure am tempted to do it in a bedroom!

I am wondering if I can convince you to follow me on my blogs...I have yet to get any followers even though I've been at it for over a month. Maybe I'm just impatient? haha

Anyway, check them out...

Let me know what you think. I'm still getting things figured out and tuned up, but I would love some friendly critiquing from another blogger!

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