Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quiver and Utensil Arrows

This darling quiver and arrow utensil arrow set is sure to please any little cupid on your list. It's easy enough, that your little lovelies can even help you make it. 

With it's fun colors, and unexpected functionality, it's sure to bring added whimsey to any Valentines dinner table.

All you need is :
Felt, 1 sheet for each quiver. You can find it at any craft store. You can get the sheets at about 4 for $1, that's cheaper than scrapbook paper.
Tape, use anything you have... I had 2 kinds of duct tape, painters (blue) tape, and masking tape.
Feathers, I don't know why, but I have a hoard of these.
Ribbon and/or rope.
Plastic utensils

I literally thought this idea up, and went through my craft stash. If you were a little more planned out, you could do it with darling washi tape. And, yes, I thought this up at bed time, so the photos were taken when the light was not the best.


It's as easy as it looks... Simply wrap the tape around the end of the utensil, to hold the feathers in place, and you are finished...

 Easy Peasy.


Cut your felt to size, by cutting 3 to 4 inches off the bottom (the bottom is opposite the feathers in the photo above). This will vary depending on the size of utensils you are using. See in the photo above, that the arrows are engulfed by the felt? I simply laid them where I thought they should go, leaving room for the staple on the bottom, and cut off the excess. I used pinking sheers for variety. Cut the ribbon to the same length.

Lay the ribbon on the felt, having it slightly displaced, by 3/4" .

Flip the ribbon under the felt, and staple.

Note on the stapling. Don't be shy. Hit the stapler hard and fast. if you are doing it softly or slowly, your staples won't go all the way through, and you will be annoyed when you unpick the danglers.

It will look like this.

Flip the other end over, and staple the ribbon down.

Next, lay your rope or ribbon (handle) where you want it. Tie knots on the end, to ensure they won't pull out when it's lifted by the handle.


Staple it in place.

 Now, fold the side that is wrapped with the ribbon over, and staple the whole thing in place, by sticking the bottom of the stapler in the middle of the quiver.

Staple the bottom shut. Wasn't that easy? You could probably do this with hot glue as well.

Now for the fun part... Time to put them on your table! 

For the place mats, I simple layered a piece of  8 1/2 x 11 piece of scrapbook paper on top of a 12 x 12 sheet.
The white plate comes from a regular, cheap pack of paper plates.
The heart plate 8/$1, plastic heart drinking cup 4/$1, and paper treat cup 6/$1 are all from Wal-mart. I love them!!!
I already had the paper straw.

Look at what you will see if you sit across from one of these adorable settings...

And... Have you ever wondered what my photography studio looks like? We are high tech, with dollar store foam, and tons of natural light!

If I make more of these in the future, I will probably sew them, but this is a nice alternative for those of you who don't feel the love when it comes to sewing. Another variation is that you could make the quivers, using paper instead of felt. You could even make the feathers using paper instead of real feathers. I am looking forward to having something we will use year after year, as part of our Valentines Day meal tradition, so I am happy with the felt.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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L.A. Harker said...

SUPER CUTE! And so easy! You know me so well!

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