Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentines Day Target (tutorial)

In my quest to have Valentines decor that is a little different this year, I decided to make a target, complete with Cupid's arrow. Admittedly, I am a bit obsessed with arrows this season, and this is another great way to tie the arrow theme in.

This project cost under $9!!!
(for what I had to buy.)

You will need:

Wrapping paper - I got mine at Target in the dollar section for $1
Scrapbook paper - I already had mine on hand.
Craft paint - black and cream
Mod Podge
Hot Glue
Random sized plates and bowls



1) Lay out your supplies.
2) Trace a circle onto your wrapping paper, the size of the wood.
3) Cut out the circle. I cut mine a little smaller, because the wood was bigger than the wrapping paper.
4) Lay a plate that is 1" to 2" smaller  over the wrapping paper, trace a circle, and cut it out. This will make a large hollow circle. I did this, because I wanted the paint to show through.
5) Cut your next piece of paper using a bowl that seems to be the right size.
6) Cut two more small circles, using more round objects.
7) Paint the side of your wood black, and the top of the wood cream with craft paint.
8) After the paint dries, mod podge the circles into place.
9) Make your arrow out of the dowel, by painting it however you want, and gluing feathers on the end. I cut the point at an angle, but it is not necessary, because you can cover the point with a heart. 
10) Hot glue the arrow to the center of your target, and you are finished!

I hope you enjoyed this fun, inexpensive and easy Valentines Day craft!
Head on over to Home Depot, and get everything you need!

See the banner above? It took under 20 minutes to make, and was SUPER inexpensive, like under $5.

The tutorial is coming, so come back to visit!

Here is a peek at the rest of my porch:

This pillow was so easy to make, and cost me NOTHING!!! The tutorial is on it's way as well. You won't want to miss it!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!



-Candi said...

Seriously? If you ever have an opening for a new BFF please let me know... these ideas are awesome (and I'm so glad the banner tutorial is coming, because I saw that and thought "um.. hello?!?! the banner???" I might go really crazy and try the circle cutting attachment to my dremel trio and see if I can cut the wooden circle out of some scrap I have!

shelley said...

Love the colors and design ! Yay for different and unique!!

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