Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Indiana Jones Birthday Party

Indiana Jones was the theme for Bubby's birthday party this year, and it was definitely an adventure!

We started out the festivities with a photo shoot in a field near our house. Here are a few of the photos I like the best! My son tells me, "Indiana Jones doesn't smile." I hardly got a shot of him smiling.

The invitations are always fun for me. I found the most popular pic of Indiana Jones I could online, and created the invitations in Picasa.

 I printed this in wallet size.
I LOVE to make invitations 3D, and these turned out darling! They were delivered to each child in a lunch bag, tied with string.

 I just hot glued the snake on. They are 8 for $1 at Dollar Tree.

 I started collecting decor for decorating, months ago, at local thrift stores. This hounds-tooth lined suitcase was one of my favorite finds! It was $2. I knew it had to be part of the party decor. It housed the gift bags that I sewed from a sealed package of maps I got at the thrift store for $.50.

 I simply folded the sheets in half, and cut them in strips, then zigzagged up each side. Same as I did HERE. Perfect, Inexpensive, and totally custom!

I just grabbed globes and plants from around my house.

 I borrowed the masks from my brother. He got them when he was on an LDS mission in Guatemala.

 I made the totem poles for a craft, using my parents ban saw, my scroll saw, and my parent's belt sander. I thought they were so perfect!

So, as each child arrived, they were given a fedora hat (dollar tree) a satchel (made by me) a dart gun (made again by yours truly)and a bundle of q-tip darts. I had all that stuff in a separate table.

After they suited up, we sent them in the back yard, and they chased each other with their dart guns for nearly 45 min. The Indiana Jones theme song was blasting throughout the whole yard. At one point, I looked at my husband, and was like, "I don't think I even needed to plan anything else!" It was very entertaining to watch them pretend.

 I had drawn targets on butcher paper around the yard for them to practice on, but they much preferred shooting each other.
The dart guns were made with the smallest pvc you can find, and duck tape.

My husband made a snake walk balance beam out of a 2x8, and we sprinkled snakes on either side.

They had all sorts of fun with that and the snakes! I got most of them at Dollar Tree and Wal-mart.

We brought them inside, and showed the boulder scene from Indiana Jones. Of the 20 kids that came, only 5 had ever seen the movie.

We then served them hotdogs, chips, and root beer floats for dinner.

My cute mom came to help. She is always the biggest, best help!

The next thing we did was the favorite part for the kids. They got to dig for real arrowheads (that I purchased on ebay).

 They all said this was what they liked best! Good thing we haven't planted our garden yet...

They each ended up with five arrow heads.

Next was decorating totem poles. I chose to have them use markers, because it is less messy than paints. This was a good idea. We did the same thing at sister's party for the craft. You can see what we did for her party HERE.

They had a great time, even if most of them drew, "butts," on the back of the totem poles.

 Before they left, Bubby gave them each a map gift bag with a totem necklace inside.


Here is a closeup of the loot.

It was a great day, and a fun memory. Boy parties are much more high energy than girl parties. Good thing I have a whole year to gear myself up for next time!

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Primary Printable Primary 5, Lesson 19

Just working on my lesson for tomorrow. I created this printable to hand out in class.

Please feel free to copy and share!

To find out more, please visit

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sidewalk Chalk

I had a blast on Studio 5 today. and am excited to share my segment with you, along with some sidewalk chalk ideas.
These are a few examples of the things we did at home before the segment aired...



Sidewalk Simon. I got the idea HERE. What a great idea!

These other ideas were not totally new, and can be found on my

I love Studio 5, and had a great time on the show today. The best part was that I got to take two of my kids, my niece, my sister-in-law, and my neighbor with me! 

After the taping, my fabulous producer gave the kids a tour of the Studio! It was SO FUN! KSL is the best!

Have I mentioned before that I love my producer, Stephanie??? Well... I do. She is ridiculously talented, with a amazing vision! She knows her stuff!

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