Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tangram Studio 5 Links!

Today on Studio 5, I am sharing everything tangram! I wanted to provide you with a list of where to find tutorials and supplies for each of the items I shared.

Reusable Wall Vinyl Tangrams
Did you see these Reusable Wall Vinyl Tangrams? They are amazing, and come in so many sizes! This swan was so easy to apply, and came right off the wall after we finished taping. I saved it to use for another occasion! These would be perfect for bedroom or playroom decor, and fantastic for a party backdrop! You can find them in multiple colors at 
In addition to reusable wall tangrams, Walls 360 also sells wall murals in multiple sizes. You will find so many fun and clever decor ideas and inspiration on their site. Please check them out!

Tangram Necklace
These tangram necklaces are fun and easy to make. I share a full tutorial HERE.

Tangram Cookie Cutter
You can find this awesome Tangram Cookie Cutter from the folks at Ready Shapes Etsy shop, HERE. I provided a tutorial for how to make the cookies extra pretty HERE. I just have to mention again, how awesome this shop is. They have a 3D printer, and can customize cookie cutters in any style you need! They are truly amazing, and their cookie cutter possibilities are unlimited! Think what you could do for weddings, showers, parties and gifts!

Tribal Tangram Art
Tutorial for the Tribal Tangram Art I created for my son's room can be found HERE.

Printable Tamgram Games and Tangram Art

I had so much fun creating tangram items for my home and family, and it was really fun using them in so many ways. My kids had fun as well. I decided to create some printable game sets for you to enjoy at home. I also share Printable Tangram Art! Chick HERE for downloads!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Tangram Printables

I am offering free tangram printables, like those pictured on Studio 5 today.

I have multiple colors in the, "home," and "love," styles. 

Click HERE for download.

This is a printable tangram game for you to print and play!

Click HERE to download.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tangram Cookies

Tangram cookies are fun for all! Because, who doesn't love cookies, and tangram cookies can keep you entertained for a long time  - as long as you don't eat the cookies before you get to play with them!

You will need a tangram cookie cutter. The awesome owners of ReadyShapes (an Etsy shop) sent me some cookie cutters. Thank you Ready Shapes! They have a 3D printer, and can print basically anything you want for you, including logos! It really is amazing, and they have so many cookie cutters to choose from. Please check them out! 

You need to find a cookie recipe that will not raise too much. I used this recipe, but the dough still rose and spread out. 

I cut the cookies after they had cooled, with the same cookie cutter, to get crisp clean edges. It worked so well, that I might consider making a cookie bar next time, and just cutting them out after the bars bake.

Next, you will need to frost them. I put this off for a while, because I wanted to flood them, but the royal icing is so much work. I was so excited when I found this cookie glaze recipe, and it was easy to make, and worked so well!

You can make any color you want, and it dries smooth in just a few minutes!

Next step is to put your cookie cutters together in as many shape combinations as you can! My favorite source for lots of shapes is HERE.

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Halloween Family Photos

Our family photographer Michelle, from www.readomlycandid.com shot the most frightfully delicious family photos for us for Halloween this year. I have wanted to do a Halloween photoshoot for years, and these turned out so gorgeous, that I think I am going to blow one up on canvas, and display it in our living room every October. It will be a fun heirloom/keepsake type photo, and the bonus is that the kids actually liked getting dressed up for these, as well as posing for them! Another bonus is that this shoot didn't take very long at all, and we didn't have to be super fussy about the clothing. This is mostly what we are wearing for our real photo shoot in a few weeks. Also, having our photos taken by a real photographer is so great, because they turn out so beautiful! The quality is so high, that I can blow it up as big as I want for Halloween decor in our home.

The family pics are lovely, and I can't decide which one I am going to blow up!

She took a couple of me and Hunky, that were fun!

I am not sure which I like better of these either.


Kids were next! 

I love the crazy pose in this one!

His eyes are awesome!

I have to be honest, this one freaks me out a little bit!!! I love it, but it is CREEPY!

Love the old school here.

This is my husbands favorite pose!

The boys liked posing for this picture.

She snapped a mother daughter one, and I LOVE it! Really, this was SO FUN!

Now I know how I look as a vampire!

I never thought I would pose in a graveyard, but I am so glad we did!

Like I say, these will make great conversation pieces, and I might just send out Halloween cards this year, instead of Christmas cards! Please check out www.randomlycandid.com, and schedule your Halloween shoot today!

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tribal Tangram Wall Decoration

My youngest informed me after our most recent road trip to Mesa Verde, that he wants a Native American themed bedroom. That trip was a blast, and I don't blame him one bit! 

 This is a fun request for me. I am a little excited. His room has been a kind of random place where I try new things, but it never has a really had a pulled together feel. This is the first piece of native American art I have made for his room, and I think it turned out so darling!

I wanted to give it a little more modern twist. I googled a tangram pattern online. I drew my own on a 1x8 board. I cut it out, and glued the pieces to this cool oval canvas that I already had. I wanted to make the horse rider a little more distinct, so I gave him a headdress, but he needed more. See what I mean?

My friend Kristen suggested adding some kind of fringe for the mane and tail, and I think that made it extra darling!

This is the first piece I have made for his room that is Native American themed, but I have lots of ideas brewing. Be sure and check back for the finished product!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tangram Necklace DIY

I have been loving tangrams lately, loving them! I see tangram art, tangram food, and tangram jewelry always catches my eye. I keep seeing the same tangram necklaces on pinterest, but the shop that sells them is closed. So, I had to make one myself, and when my daughter saw what I was doing, she got excited, and had to make herself one too!

She kept the pattern more simple on hers, and I stuck to the traditional 7 shape tangram.

First, I sized the tangram shapes into the size I wanted. You can see large and small versions of each shape.

I printed them out, and traced them onto a spare piece of mdf that I had lying around.

I cut the shapes out with my scroll saw.

Time for paint. I picked the colors I wanted, and used tape to keep the lines crisp.

The craft paint dries quickly, and I used the same piece over the top of areas I already painted.

The tape made it so easy to line up in the correct angles.

My daughter and I cranked quite few out in no time.

I drilled holes in the corners, using my drill press, with a 1/16th drill bit. You could do the same with a drill, if you don't have a drill press. After drilling the holes, I put jump rings in the holes, and took apart two necklaces I already had, and attached the chain to the ring. 

This was easier than I thought, and I love that it is so customizable.

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