Tuesday, October 27, 2015


This game is so much fun! You play it as a family, at night, in your house, in the dark! Everyone draws a card. They person who draws the card with the spookiest spook on it, is, "IT!" No one knows who's, "it." Everyone hides and the person who's, "it," then tries to find the other people who are playing. When they are found, the person who is, "it," says, "I am the spookiest spook!" then the found person screams as loud as they can, and helps the spookiest spook find the other players. 

Download the game cards and rules HERE.

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Halloween Ghost Game

This is a Halloween twist on a game we have played as a family for years! It is perfect for game nights. Its easy to make, and you might even be able to do it with things you already have on hand.

You get dollar store ping pong balls or eyeballs, cover them in muslin or white fabric, and tie with a string to make them look like a ghost. You also get a giant funnel from the dollar store. 

The finished game will look like this.

Your balls need to be able to fit in the funnel.

The person starting has the funnel in one hand and 2 dice in the other and starts rolling the dice. Every time they come up equaling 7 the person who rolled tries to trap the ghosts with the funnel. Any who get trapped have to give the trapper two of whatever you decide to use: pennies, beans, candy etc. I put little white beans in plastic cups. 40 per person. 

This game moves fast! You set a time for how long the person gets the turn. If a person pulls their ghost out and the dice don't equal 7, they give the person rolling the dice one bean. My kids loved this, and we had $5 up for grabs. In my family growing up, we would play this at Christmas sometimes, and tie foam curlers instead of making ghosts. Sometimes we drew  blood!

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Halloween Matching Game

I found the sweetest Halloween clipart, and decided to create a darling and cute little matching game. The fun thing about the characters, is you find the match for the character you turn over, not find the same card. That way, you match up cute little Halloween couples!

Click HERE to download matching game.

For a fun twist on traditional matching game, print out these darling tombstone cupcake toppers, leaving space at the base. Fold the white base backwards, so the tombstones will stand up, and place the matching game cards face down in front of each grave marker. (You might need to put a candy pumpkin on the back of each, to help it stand up.

We call this game, "Ghost in the Graveyard." Whomever makes a match of the ghost cards gets a treat!

Clipart came from THIS Etsy shop.

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Halloween Decor in my front room

I painted my front room. After 7 years, I decided to get rid of the dark blue. I really did love it, and was unsure even as I was paint over it that I was doing the right thing, but I am thrilled with the way the lighter color has made the space feel so much bigger, and so fresh!

This is how it used to look last October.

You can find more pics from last year, and a tutorial for the cool zombie art HERE.

I brought in some $3 Target pumpkins, and used the same glass skull (Homegoods) from last year. It  really simplified my coffee table decor.

Love my skeleton magnifying glass - TJ Maxx.

I hung the FABULOUS spooky family picture above my couch. You can find the rest of the photos HERE They are really fun! I am so glad we did it. This print is 30x40 inches, and cost under $25 to print and mount. I printed it at Staples for $8.91. They now do color engineer prints!!! Happy Dance!!! I then had it mounted at Bennion Crafts for $15. Amazing, right?!? I was so excited when I heard that Staples now does color engineer prints.

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Adding Holiday Decor to your living Space (Halloween)

Every year, when Halloween rolls around, I feel both excitement and dread when it comes to decorating. I like being fun and festive. My kids love it!  On October 1, I get my bins out, and start to decorate. My house is transformed, and feels like a Halloween store. But, as the days tick by, it really starts to make me itch, because it doesn't feel like my house. I like it for about a week, and pretty soon, it's all I can do to force myself not to take it all down before Halloween even hits! I make myself wait until Halloween night. I move most of it to the front porch to make a festive scene, and put the rest of the decorations in bins between answering the door for trick-or-treaters. Is that terrible? I know I am not alone. This year, I decided I was going to make Halloween fit my decor, not make my decor fit Halloween.

Anyone that knows me, knows I like color. I don't like it, I love it! It instantly brightens any space. There are basically two colors I don't decorate with... Orange and Red. This tends to be a problem with the major holidays. I have no problem with other people decorating with orange and red, in fact, like it when I see it in other peoples houses, I just don't love it in my own (besides kids bedrooms). I did have it in my last house, and got my fill, and have been taking a break.

This year, we had some FUN Halloween pictures taken by our awesome photographer Randomly Candid. Please check her out! Her prices and very reasonable, photographs are so beautiful, and turn around is so quick!

You can see the photos HERE. I LOVE decorating with pictures of my family. Family photos are my favorite thing to display, as my kids are my greatest work of art. Cheesy much? Yes. True? Yes.

I blew up a couple of my favorites at Staples, in what's called, "Border Prints." They go up to 18x24, are printed, mounted on foam, and laminated, for one $10 each!!! The quality is awesome. It is usually same day turn around, and you get to take them home and hang them.  They are not listed online for some reason, and when I have done them in the past, I always email my order in, and tell them I want to do a border print. So, call your local Staples, and figure out how they want you to do it. You really can't beat the price and quality.

I feel like they are such a great addition to my Halloween decor. They say Halloween, without making you feel like you are in a Halloween store.

I swapped them out on my wall, for some family photo canvases that were already there, and the transition looks great! I also swapped out another big picture for the Wizard of Oz silhouette I painted a few years back. It feels a little spooky and festive, without screaming, Halloween!

I set out my three witches, and a couple jack-o-lanterns, and I feel like I can live with this through the end of the month.

This dip picture is my favorite. The color is so vibrant with the border prints, I just couldn't get a photo without glare, because of the lamination.

Easy peasy, and not itchy at all. Happy Fall!

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Painted Pumpkin Man

I like to add a little whimsy to holiday decorating, and this painted pumpkin man is the perfect way to do it! And, the pumpkins cost a total of $4. You can't beat that!

I got the pumpkin for the head from the Dollar Store for $1, and the pumpkin for the base from the Target dollar section for $3. I painted the dollar store pumpkin with blue paint that I used for apiece of furniture I recently painted. It matched my house perfectly! I painted the face with Liquid Leaf. I love Liquid Leaf. It gives a beautiful sheen, and is so easy to work with. I also went over the gold on the Target pumpkin with the liquid leaf, because the gold that it came with was too green. I poked a hole in the bottom of the head with a pencil, and stuck the stem of the bottom pumpkin in the hole. It worked great because it's foam.

I also painted this pumpkin blue, and gave it a gold stripe with the liquid leaf. I painted the stem gold as well.

I painted this pretty Cinderella pumpkin from Target, pink. I love how it adds to the overall display!

Makes for a perfect table top pumpkin patch, that actually matches my house!

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Anthropologie Globe Inspired Pumpkin

I have drooled over the anthropologie globes for a long time now, and wanted to give a pumpkin the same treatment!

It was easier than I expected it to be - really.

I started with a Target pumpkin, and wrote the words with a pencil. You can erase until you get it right. I then went over the words with this stuff. Liquid Leaf. It is AMAZING! It's bronzy gold finish is perfect for fall tones.

It's great because you can fill in areas where you need more.

You can outline the flowers first with a pencil. I did this the first time, and then found I didn't need to, and preferred just free handing them. I found inspiration for flower style and colors on pinterest. I just used paints I already had, and mixed some of my colors to get the right tones.

I had never painted flowers before in my life. Paint is pretty forgiving, and you can go over areas that are a mess after it dries.

I feel like this little piece is the crown jewel of the whole set up, and love how she turned out!

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Warty Pumpkin DIY

I love warty pumpkins when I see them in the store. They are so funky and different. I knew when I found some dollar store pumpkins, that they could look better!

I covered them with glue,  just dripping out as much glue as I could. The trick is to continue moving the pumpkin, so that the hot glue doesn't just dry in drips. Turn it, hold it upside down, spin it, do whatever you need to do to get the glue to dry in globs, not drips.

Pull the glue strings off, and paint whatever color you want. I kind of liked it sheer, so you can see a little orange through, so I just did one coat of white.

I pulled the stem off, and replaced it with a twig from my yard. (I just stuck the twig in the top.) I really love the variety it adds to my pumpkin display in my formal dining room.

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Thumb Tack Pumpkins

So, you are wandering through the dollar store, and see a bin of foam pumpkins. "Only a dollar?" you think. "I wish they were cuter." you think. You load a few into your cart, and then walk down the school supply aside, and see a box of 300 thumb tacks for only $1! Your mind starts spinning. You head to check out, with your pumpkins and tacks in your cart. Later that day, you use another big faux pumpkin (from Target) you already had, paint them in colors that match your home, and end up with these darling little pumpkins for your Halloween display.

There is really noting much to say as far as a tutorial, other than... 
Paint your pumpkins. Be sure and paint the stem too!

Push the pins in wherever you want them.

These are the pins. Can't beat $1!

Put them with your pumpkin display, and enjoy! I think I might leave this up through November. I just might have to swap out the #31 for something else.

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