Thursday, November 17, 2016

Family History at Thanksgiving!

Ideas from today's Studio 5!

Bring family history into your Thanksgiving this year, with simple ideas that are sure go get people talking and sharing stories and memories!

Wishbone place settings or favors. Each guest gets to write a wish for future generations. Printable came form You can find the printable HERE.  I found instructions for making the wishbones HERE.

Create a Family History table runner. This is sure to engage guests in sharing memories and thoughts!

Share family recipes, with this awesome free printable recipe card! Recipe card found HERE.

Eat on ancestor dishes!

After you have finished all these things, people are sure to be sharing memories! Record those memories on the Family Search Memories app. If grandpa starts talking, turn your recorder on, and press the botton to record. After he finishes, you simply choose the ancestor you want to attach the memory to, and you're all set!

Thanks for coming with me today Holly!


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