Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Panoramic Sugar Eggs

Today on Studio 5, I am sharing Panoramic Sugar Eggs. These are an easy and fun Easter tradition you can start with your family, using only a few ingredients that can all be found at the grocery store.

And, let me just share my instagram post form this morning with you.

It was so crazy, I was like, "Is this really happening?" Thank you Brooke for being amazing! I love you.

Come back later for the link to my segment!

Thanks for stopping by. Have happy and creative day!



amylynn said...

Risa- My 6 year old boy and I were watching your segment and he absolutely LOVED the explosion. Thanks for getting him excited for this project. Can't wait to try your eggs!

restlessrisa said...

Hi Amylynn, I am so glad to hear it! I was quite surprised, haha. I would love to see a finished pic if you happen to take one. Thanks for your comment! Have fun making them :-)

Elizabeth said...

I remember these!! I think my mom and I made them...a long time ago! What a fun reminder!! Just came across you from Gelato and Chocolate's site! How fun!!

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