Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter garland for my kids beds

I love decorating my kids rooms for every holiday, and Easter is no exception. I thought I would make this quick garland for each one of their beds. This is SO easy. You can do it with your kids. They will love it! I know they are a bit cheesy, but it's a kids room, and they love it! The best part... I spent about $4 for both projects!!!

To do this project, you will need:

1) Plastic Eggs
2) Plastic Carrots (I got mine from Dollar Tree - 8 for $1!)
3) Thick floss, you can find in any craft store. Thicker than thread, and thinner than twine.
4) Hemp or twine. I got mine from the dollar store also. (You could do ribbon, rope, or lace... the possibilities are endless!)
5) Scissors

Cut floss in about 7 inch lengths.
Tie around carrot top with a double knot.
Tie a bow above the carrot.

Thread floss through each egg, starting and ending on the outside. You can use any of the holes, and really get creative with how you hang them!

Tie a bow on top, leaving a large enough loop to be able to thread the twine through.

Place the carrots and eggs in whatever pattern you like. and thread them on the twine!

A couple variations could include threading beads onto the twine in between the carrots and eggs, and gluing buttons, stickers, letters or other embellishments on the eggs. You could personalize it, or keep it simple.

This is a SUPER easy and inexpensive project that adds color and fun to any room. You will be done in no time! We are talking INSTANT gratification!


Candy McCall said...

There ya go. Darling!

Anonymous said...

so cute! you are such an awesome mom

Rebecca Neville said...

Your photos are really pretty!

Wendy said...

Very cute! I hear the shower for Lindsey Black is in April(I forget the date). What can I do to help?

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