Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sophia Banner

So, I wasn't going to make a big deal out of this,
but I couldn't help it.
I LOVE banners, and wanted to make
a cute one for her special day.

I wanted it to be a little chunky, and chose
not to use my paper cutter.

If you want the same look, this is what you need to do...

Choose papers you like. I bought super thick ones (for the most part) from Hobby Lobby. Then I bought matching beads, and used string and tulle that I already had.

I chose thick paper, because I wanted to glue wooden letters on, for more depth.

Paint your letters, and glue them to the paper when dry. I just used regular Elmer's type glue from the dollar store, and it worked very well.

Poke small holes with a tack through your paper, and string the beads, tulle, and paper on in the order you choose. I had 3 papers that were thinner, and I ended up taping the backs, so the weight of the beads wouldn't force them to bow. Now that I have it, I think I am going to hang it in Sophie's room, or save it for a future birthday party or something.


Aubrie Knight said...

You are so creative and these are so cute. I just love everything you do. There are two things I wish. a) you lived in Idaho and could be my BFF and b) that you taught classes for all the stuff you do. I want all of it :)

Anonymous said...

Risa, You amaze me. Your kids must feel so loved. I so admire how you use your talents to make your kids feel so special. What an AWESOME MOM! You are my hero! BTW I love your blog. It really speaks to me and has encouraged me to seek what I love more. Thanks cute Risa! Love, Jen

Unknown said...

Love it...and I love the darker type :)

Wendy said...

Very cute and simple-to-make banner! What can I do for Lindsey's shower besides make desserts? I'll help with anything you need, just let me know.

Donnalynn said...

Aubrie, She can't ever leave UT because then I would loose my BFF!!!
Risa, after years of knowing you and what you are capable of... you STILL always amaze me with your talent!
You truly make me want to be a better mom!

jill d said...

Risa, I love it! I love the personal touch for Sophie's day. You are amazing!

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