Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Wrap-up: Part 2, Kids Rooms

On the first Day of October, the kids come home to a bedroom fit for a Ghoul or Goblin. I did basically the same thing this year as last year... so a couple of the photos are not the most fabulous, but they work... right?

Halloween Trees:

My crafty girlfriends and I saw these darling trees in Ben Franklin last year, and decided to give it a go for our own houses. I decided to put one in each of my kids rooms. They were SUPER EASY to make. We even came up with a few ornaments of our own.

This tree is in my daughter's room:

This is the tree in my son's room:

The ornaments were made using glass ornaments, and filling them with paint (glow-in-the-dark for the mummy) beads, or puff balls, and then embellishing them however we chose.

I also hang Banners:

Halloween blankets:

So, when I saw this fabric, I knew I HAD to OWN it! So cute - right? I had been wanting to make warm snugly Halloween blankets for my kids for a long time, and this fabric gave me the perfect excuse. They have LOVED snuggling up in their Halloween blankets all month, and were asking about them starting in September.

This is my son's:

This is my daughter's:

They are backed with minky, and oh so SOFT!

I even like to use them if I am watching tv.

This year, I added to the decor, using an idea I found on lil' luna.
Here is the link to the tutorial.

Halloween Paper Centerpiece:

I decided to use monster paper I got at Roberts.
(Again... something I saw, and had to figure out a use for!)
I used foam from the dollar store, and boxes from the dollar store. I sprayed both black. I used BBQ skewers. I probably should have painted them as well, but I got impatient.

Here is my daughter's:

Here is my Son's:

I do other things, like replace the light bulbs in their lamps with black bulbs, just to trick them :) It worked, and they liked it!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!



Larson Letters said...

You are seriously the cutest, funnest mom around Risa! You are my role model! Always have been!! :) I hope you are feeling well! Love ya!

Jennifer Interiors said...

Love it all Risa! I am glad my kids can't see your blog. They would be soo jealous. :) You are an awesome mom!

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