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WIZARD OF OZ party, part 5 - The Decor and Party Favors (Emerald City)

This table was really fun to create. It was the one I struggled with the most, but I think it turned out so fun and unexpected! It was in my formal dining room, and the second table you saw when you walked in. You could see it from the front door.

I had to have a centerpiece, and my kids were a great help with this!

This is part of a guest post I did over at Sunscholars. I love Rachel's blog. You will have to check it out. You can see my post HERE.

We were all just sitting around one Sunday morning, and I decided to enlist the kids help for making an Emerald City art piece. They were THRILLED! They have been very excited for my party, and like to see what I have planned.


1 piece foam board ($.99 at the dollar store)
Elmer's glue Scissors Paint and brush Paper
{I used 3 different colors each
for the yellow brick road (3 sheets),
the poppies (5 sheets),
and The Emerald City (3 sheets)}

First, turn on Wizard of Oz music in the background, and sing along.

My favorite song lyrics from The Wizard of Oz:
It really was no miracle,
What happened was just this.
"The wind began to switch.
The house to pitch.
And suddenly the hinges started to unhitch.
Just then, the witch
To satisfy an itch
Went flying on her broom stick
Thumbing for a hitch."

Tear the edges off all the papers, and tear them into strips.

Pester your sister, and try to take the paper away before she is finished tearing it.
Then tear the papers into smaller pieces.

Cut out the shapes you want to for The Emerald City. I stapled them together on the bottom (where it would be covered by paper) before gluing them to the foam board, so it would be easier to attach.

Paint the foam board.

Draw the yellow brick road, and get started!

I put the glue down, and let the kids stick the papers on. They LOVED it!

This project was super easy, and inexpensive. It took less than an hour, and the kids were so proud of themselves that they got to make a decoration for my party! Thanks kids!

My daughter told me she wants to have a Wizard of Oz party for her next birthday. I might just keep everything from this party, make life easy on myself, and use it for her party!

I made little mini cakes for each person to take as a favor. I made the cakestands using the same technique I used for the birdcages for my daughter's reading/back to school party. You can see the instructions HERE. The only thing I did different, was this time, Hobby Lobby had round wooden disks in stock. They were 2 for $1, and a 30% off, so not bad.

Again, Candy and Christine helped me set up the table.

See the scrapbook paper? I really LOVE this line! I know the hot air balloon is cheesy! I got it at DI, and had plans of somehow cutting the animals off, but I ran out of time.

I made the mini cakes the Saturday before, and froze them. I was going to frost them, but thought they looked fine without frosting. I got my cake pan at Home Goods. It makes 6 mini cakes at a time. I just used a white cake mix, and added a TON of green food coloring.

The printable was my favorite part! I punched it out with my circle punch, and punched out scrapbook paper that was the same as the invitation with my scalloped punch. I made this in picnik. I thought it was sweet.

Candy and Christine helped me tie the tulle around each base, and attach the labels. They turned out SO CUTE!

Next up? The tables where we ate... full of gingham and poppies!

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Awesome! Very fun and cute :)

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