Tuesday, January 3, 2012

GNOME PARTY perparation and tutorial

I decided couple months ago that I wanted to have a gnome party for my baby boy on his first birthday. We are having his party this Friday, and I am a bit ahead of schedule, so I thought I would share what I have ready so far. This is the main inspiration for the party. I have made all these toys by hand... yup, trees, cave, gnomes... all of it. I bought the knobs and painted them as mushrooms, and bought pegs for the dad and son, and the pieces to make the mom daughter and baby, as I couldn't find any in stores around here, and didn't take the time to order online before Christmas. I didn't even think about pulling this out until a few days ago.

I did design, cut out, sand, and paint the trees bushes, lake, cave and ground. I will post about that later.

I found the most adorable parties on line, and took inspiration from them. You can check out my pinterest board for more inspiration, but the main party that inspired me is found here.

Like I mentioned before... I couldn't find any lady, girl, or baby peg people in any craft stores, so I had to come up with a design of my own. I actually like it better than anything I could have bought. I got the men and boys at Hobby Lobby.

Here is a little tutorial

For the mom peg person, you will need:

Finial Dowel Cap 1 1/16"; 1/2" hole
Circle 1" x 1/8"
Furniture Plug 1/2"
Round Ball 3/4"
Glue that works with wood

Glue the circle to the dowel cap to cover the hole.

Glue the furniture plug to the circle. Make sure this is in the middle, as these will be the feet, and the mama gnome will stand on it.

Turn the whole thing over, and glue the ball to the top of the finial dowel cap.

Paint whatever color you want. Cut a circle out of felt, and glue it to either side of the neck with the top of the triangle pointing towards the back.

Paint the eyes on using a toothpick you have dipped in paint.

You can see in the photo above, how the triangle works for the sister gnome's head dress. I stitched triangles together for the male gnomes.

The sister gnome is made using a 3/4" round ball, and a 1"3/8"hold acorn dowel cap.

The baby gnome is made using 1/2" round ball and a 1/2" x 5/8"; 1/4"hole Candle Cup.

They are both made by gluing the ball on top, with the hole on the bottom.

I think they are more cute than you can buy on line. (If I do say so myself;)

I am not letting my baby play with these yet, as he could bite part off, and choke. But, they will be fun for display, and the older kids like them. Did I mention I made a gnome family for each older cousin to take home from the party. I made it into gnome bowling, and have included a large wooden ball in the gift bag. I will take a picture of the bags once they are complete. The families are all bagged and ready to go. I just need to tie up the bags, and hook the wooden labels on after I wood burn the words. Now if I can only find a wood burning tool... Mom?

Come back to see what each baby cousin is getting.
They are almost finished, and so soft and sweet!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!



Unknown said...

omgggg so beyond adorable/amazing!

Tausha said...

you rock my friend! Can't wait to see the whole thing!!! No doubt it will make Martha jealous..! :)

Laurel said...

So very, very creative! You are so generous as well!

Unknown said...

Could you please tell me where the invitation image is from? It is absolutely perfect! I tried the links you posted at the bottom of your entry and couldn't find anything from them.

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