Sunday, April 1, 2012

Party Decor for $1 {Reusable Shopping Bag - Part 4}

There is really not much to this tutorial, other than to say, you cut your bags into strips as wide as you think you might want them. Fold them in half, and stitch up the edges. Remember my post about the Sewing Themed Party, and the gift bags I made for that? You can see it HERE. I used the same idea for those bags, but the tops were cut with pinking sheers, and they were made using parchment paper.

I like chain stitching, as it seems to make everything go faster.

Chain stitching is where you feed one in after the other, and stitch all the right sides first, and then stitch all the left sides in a row. After you finish, you just cut them apart, and you won't really have any excess thread to cut off besides on the ends.

Next, use any scraps you have to cover water bottles. I just happened to have purple yarn in my craft room, that I used to hold the pieces of the bag in place.

My... wasn't that easy?!?

If you saw me on Studio 5, you saw that I also made little flags to go in some snowball snacks that I bought. I just used small scraps, and glued them to sucker sticks. I took all these pictures before going on the show, and didn't get a picture of the flags that day, as I made them the night before. If you want to see the clip, you can watch it HERE.

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