Thursday, November 8, 2012

Built-in Curio Cabinet with chevron backing!

Have you decided what you want for Christmas this year? I have a suggestion! Why not turn one of your kitchen cabinets into a curio, to display all your lovelies? I love mine!

This is how it looked before:

Then I took the doors off, and it looked like this for a while, before I got the new doors.

It stayed decorated like that for a while after I got the doors as well. I like it to be bright in the spring and summer. I got the doors from The Closet Butler in Kaysville, UT. The Closet Butler is fabulous! They have built many things in my house, including the built-in shelves in my laundry room, and the lockers in my mud room. I never posted final photos of either room, and I should. They are fabulous! Okay, putting it on the list!

I am LOVING the treatment I gave it for fall and winter. I tacked, yes tacked (with a thumb tack) a piece of chevron fabric (Riley Blake, purchased at Lily Bella Fabrics.) to the top corners, put the shelves back in, and filled it with my lovely collection of milk glass! I love the serenity and calm feel the white brings this time of year.

I know you want to know where I got everything... ;)

Top right: Cake stand I won from a blogger night from One Charming Party!!!
Top left and the whole 2nd row down: DI
3rd row down: The vase was made my my husband's grandma, and has her initials on the bottom... so sweet! The other pot was DI.
Bottom Shelf: Set of bowls from Consign and Design in Farmington, UT, and an old picture frame I painted.

Now, don't you think you should swap out your old cabinet doors for glass doors to brighten up your kitchen?

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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Shazza said...

Hi Risa!
Your home is beautiful with all the little homemade decor additions you add :)
How cool does your cabinet look!
Psst!!! Do you have projects up your sleeve for Christmas? Will we see you on Studio Five again soon?
shazza (From Melbourne, Australia)

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