Friday, October 24, 2014

Day of the Dead (Los Muertos) Display

My kids are in the Spanish Immersion program in school. It is SO AMAZING to hear them speak! Their teachers rotate being from Europe, and South or Central America. A few years back, my son had a teacher from Mexico. He came home with a sugar skull, and told me a little about Los Muertos, that he had learned from his teacher. I wanted to learn more. As I sometimes do, I became a little obsessed, and learned more. It is a pretty cool part of the culture, and not scary.
Los muertos is observed in Mexico and some other countries as a day to remember and celebrate the dead. They even hope to welcome their spirits to visit, by using bright colors and flowers, and serving meals and treats the deceased would like. They tell stories, and share memories about the deceased  as a way to honor and remember them. They remember infants and children on November 1, and adults on November 2.
This could be a fun angle to bring to a classroom party in October!
Tissue paper flowers are a great way to add color, and they are so easy and inexpensive to make!!! Cut out circles, or scallops, about 4 sheets deep, pinch the middle, and staple to a straw. I did the same this with pattern pieces HERE. I like them on bendy straws, because you can set the angles you want for the flower arrangement.
These peg dolls are my favorite! I painted them last year.
I found a website with a ton of free printables. You have to email them to request the files, but they are sent immediately! For the website,

To look at all the ideas, then click on Free templates, to see which ones are free.
They have masks, food labels, and bingo. They also have a sheet of Day of the Dead phrases.
For the skeleton, I got a paper mask from Michael's, and painted it in traditional Los Muertos fashion. 
I hot glued dollar store flowers to the top, and put a wig on her.
I borrowed a shirt from my neighbor's daughter, and put a skirt that was actually a thrifted curtain on for a skirt.
She's the perfect addition to a Los Muertos or even a Halloween party.
The banner is from Zurchers.
These are a few more pics in my house. The color is not great,  but I like the set-up better.
I am starting to see so much of this stuff in so many stores, including; Micheal's, Joann's, World Market, and many more. If you look, you will see it all over the place!
Close op shots of the pegs!
I kinda love them!
The piƱata is from Wal-mart.

The striped fabric is from Ikea.

To see more Los Muertos ideas, check out my DAY OF THE DEAD BOARD on Pinterest. Thanks for stopping by!

Have a happy and Creative day.


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What great displays! Love!

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