Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tangram Necklace DIY

I have been loving tangrams lately, loving them! I see tangram art, tangram food, and tangram jewelry always catches my eye. I keep seeing the same tangram necklaces on pinterest, but the shop that sells them is closed. So, I had to make one myself, and when my daughter saw what I was doing, she got excited, and had to make herself one too!

She kept the pattern more simple on hers, and I stuck to the traditional 7 shape tangram.

First, I sized the tangram shapes into the size I wanted. You can see large and small versions of each shape.

I printed them out, and traced them onto a spare piece of mdf that I had lying around.

I cut the shapes out with my scroll saw.

Time for paint. I picked the colors I wanted, and used tape to keep the lines crisp.

The craft paint dries quickly, and I used the same piece over the top of areas I already painted.

The tape made it so easy to line up in the correct angles.

My daughter and I cranked quite few out in no time.

I drilled holes in the corners, using my drill press, with a 1/16th drill bit. You could do the same with a drill, if you don't have a drill press. After drilling the holes, I put jump rings in the holes, and took apart two necklaces I already had, and attached the chain to the ring. 

This was easier than I thought, and I love that it is so customizable.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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