Sunday, October 4, 2015

Warty Pumpkin DIY

I love warty pumpkins when I see them in the store. They are so funky and different. I knew when I found some dollar store pumpkins, that they could look better!

I covered them with glue,  just dripping out as much glue as I could. The trick is to continue moving the pumpkin, so that the hot glue doesn't just dry in drips. Turn it, hold it upside down, spin it, do whatever you need to do to get the glue to dry in globs, not drips.

Pull the glue strings off, and paint whatever color you want. I kind of liked it sheer, so you can see a little orange through, so I just did one coat of white.

I pulled the stem off, and replaced it with a twig from my yard. (I just stuck the twig in the top.) I really love the variety it adds to my pumpkin display in my formal dining room.

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