Saturday, January 7, 2017


We had a lumberjack and lumberjill party for for our youngest, and it was the sweetest!

He didn't even know what a lumberjack is when we started planning his party, but now, he's convinced he wants to be one when he grows up!

I had planned to only have one main table for decor, but the games really started to come together, and were so daring, that it kind of took over the entire family room!

Back to the main table for a minute. My son had fun getting on my lumberjack pinterest board. He figured out to find related pins, and started pinning his own ideas. Heaven help us all! The pretzel bobbers were his Pinterest find and request. They are simply fishing bobbers tied to the end of a pretzel, with a string. The kids loved them!

I'm really not huge on food at parties because of picky eaters, mess and prep. I know, I know... bad words in the blogging world! But, this party fell during the evening and dinner time. We served pancakes and eggs. Who doesn't like pancakes? In place of cake, I got these chocolate rolls, and used left over deer and trees, from my Christmas stash, on top. I gave each kid a knife when it was time to eat them, and they got to, "saw the log." They loved it!

I purchased a few sets of clipart from this etsy shop. I used the clipart on everything from the invitations to the party games. It made for a darling party, that felt cohesive.

The decor was so fun to create and display, and I always try to have it be functional. This object of this game was to feed berries to the Sasquatch. I got blue and purple pom poms and lumberjack cups from the Hobby Lobby. The kids had to throw the berries in the Sasquatch's mouth. I was trying to figure out how to add height to the display, and so I used a straight pen, and stuck it through each cup, into a foam board, and stood it up! It added height, and was a fun and unexpected way to display the berry cups.

The kids really liked it. I created the Sasquatch printable on my computer. I cut the mouth out, and attached the back to dowels that were stuck in 4x4's. I drilled holes in the 4x4's first. It stood up perfectly!

I created the axe toss poster with the same clipart. The axes were from Oriental Trading. 

The kids got to toss them at the target. They were a huge hit! Not just for this game, but in general. They played and pretended all night!

This next thing was my favorite! I got $4 worth of nubby black fabric from Walmart. I held it up to my son's face to measure. (I don't have a template, because kids are all different sizes) I went from ear to ear, and cut off the right length.

 I then cut out the beard shape, a mouth hole, and a mustache to go with it. I hot glued the mustaches in place, with a single daube in the middle, so they would flop a bit. I had some moustaches facing up, and some facing down. They were darling! After I got them all made, I tried one on my son, and it was too long, so I had to cut the bottom off all of them. I then attached them to hats (Walmart, $.97, kids section) with safety pins. I did't want to do anything permanent, incase I needed to adjust for head sizes at the party.

I used the same method to display the hats. I stuck them to the foam board with straight pins. It worked perfectly! The kids were excited to wear them (even the girls), but said they were itchy.

My cute husband tells us campfire stories when we go camping as a family. He has a very vivid imagination! He agreed to tell the kids a story, and it was the cutest! It was basically all about what lumberjacks do. 

The kids sat around the campfire and listened intently. They got beards and axes as part of the story. It was so cute. The last part of their travels took them to the tent. He had them all pile in as he finished up his story. They ate it up!

 I had a couple more games planned, including axe golf/croquet. I used the same clipart, and sent the images to my favorite local print shop, Print & Main, where they have this awesome thick paper that is 12"x18". They printed the images off, and I cut them out and taped them to paper cups, using plastic straws for stability where it was needed.

The pics from the night of the party didn't photograph very well, but the game was darling! The object was to use the axe to hit the ball under the legs of the characters, and around the other objects. The kids thought it was SO fun!

They pounded nails into wood, and pulled them out, with the help of my husband. 

They also played Lincoln Logs.

It was such a great night, and fun memory for me. I'm glad I got to plan this party, and glad I get to be a mom.

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