Friday, December 15, 2017

PilloPlush review

I received a Pillo from the kind folks at PilloPlush last month, and I am a little late getting to post my review, but I've had so much going on! Better late than never. One thing I've had going in my son had a surgery last week, and was in Primary Children's Hospital for four days.  We are home now, and the number one blanket he has asked for as he recovers, is the PilloPlush! He's spent hours with it in his recliner.

The thing that's awesome about PilloPlush, is that it's a Pillo, that opens into an amazing soft and plush blanket that has a pocket for your feet, and a pocket for each hand! It's genius! These are a few clips of my kids opening it up for the first time.

They loved it! It has been a hot commodity in our home, as each kid wants to use it. I like that it matches the other pillows my couch.

These are literally the softest blanket I have ever used.

We have loved them, and they are the perfect Christmas gift for anyone your list!

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